My Wandering Days Are Over (Live)

The Boy With The Arab Strap (Live)




Richard Colburn


BACKGROUND: The joker in the pack.  Born, raised and still resident in Perth, if Richard ever made good he’d be a local boy made good.  Initially spurning his family’s musical tradition, Richard’s first foray into the world of entertainment was in the field of snooker.  Sadly he failed to break into the upper echelons of […]

Bobby Kildea

BACKGROUND: This Irish lad was picked up on a Bosman from local side V-Twin.  Imported in the early ‘90s, he seemed destined for a career in the lower leagues until the far-sited Belles spotted something in him that led them to believe he could replace the recently-departed Stuart David.  Appearances would suggest he was cut […]

Chris Geddes


BACKGROUND: Having a childhood split between Gloucestershire and Ayrshire doesn’t seem to have confused Beans too much.  He joined Belle & Sebastian having perhaps the best musical pedigree of them all, his previous band having supported riot grrls The Voodoo Queens.  Or possibly Mambo Taxi.  Returning to study in Glasgow, following a brief exile in […]

Sarah Martin

BACKGROUND: This Northern lass bided her time in Blackburn, Lancashire before making a break for her spiritual home: Glasgow. Drawn by the sounds of Teenage Fanclub and others, as well as the presence of an Expressway, which she hoped would lead to her skull, Sarah probably dreamed of making music herself.  And so it happened. […]

Stevie Jackson

BACKGROUND: It was a disillusioned Stevie Jackson that first saw Stuart Murdoch performing at Open Mic night at The Halt Bar in Glasgow. Stevie’s band, The Moondials, had recently split after struggling to realise their ambitions. The Erskine-born guitarist was set to embark upon a career as an Assistant Occupational Therapist, and reluctantly agreed to […]

Stuart Murdoch

  BACKGROUND: Scotland’s greatest poet comes from Ayr.  That’s probably not all Stuart has in common with Robbie Burns, but I’m damned if I know what else.  Both guys I suppose.  Stuart moved up to Glasgow at a tender age, just missing the first Scottish post-punk explosion, and having to wait a few years for the […]