1. Francis says:

    making it in the music business is so very hard. how do you guys get back up on the horse after being knocked down..?

    1. Stuart says:

      we have a very short horse

  2. Lucas says:

    Hi! If it’s alright I have two questions, one serious and one intended to provoke that famous B&S wit: 1) I have found that since age 7 I was consistently smarter than all of my peers. How do you cope with it? 2) At age 17, a boy like me has little opportunity to flirt with a sense of, well, general happiness. I have fallen in love with a girl 2 and 1/2 years my junior, and though my friends (who don’t know her) have been quite supportive, my mother has not, telling me to “stay away” and teasing that I’d be “robbing the cradle”. I truly believe she will make me happy, though, and I turn to you because your music is a factor in my feelings. (I wouldn’t have noticed our similarities had she not posted the phrase “Could I write a requiem for you when you’re dead?” on facebook, in fact, without it I may not even have had the drive to inquire in the first place) So, what should I do? Respectfully, Lucas

    1. Stuart says:

      when i was 20 i went with a girl of 17, and my mum said ‘och, she’s a bit young’; but then she picked me up and taught me a lot about love and life, so i think numbers are just numbers, and people are people.

      clear as mud, i think!

  3. Georgie says:

    Would you guys be opposed to a movie in which the plot and characters are entirely based on your songs? Neither way, love you all.

    1. Stuart says:

      i think it would be highly appropriate, you’d have to have a devious mind write it though; i could give notes..

  4. Josh says:

    Hey guys, I really dont want to spread the website with hate but I must air my annoyance at NME. I really dont like the way the magazine has headed to after all these years, especially the betrayal they have on previous music artists they originally rave about just a few months ago just because the style and convention isnt fashionable anymore. But this annoyance reached burning point when I discovered a lack of review for your new album. Can they really be that ignorant and naive not to include one on the website?

    1. Stuart says:

      but really, isn’t that the perfect arrangement?

  5. Jordan Kay says:

    Ah, thanks Sarah. But clearly the strings and horn on “I Can See Your Future” are MIDI, correct? Any reason for not going with the real deal? Seems like synth strings are pretty pervasive on the album, compared to the chamber orchestra featured throughout “Fold Your Hands.” Love both styles!

    1. Sarah says:

      nope! they’re real live people playing real live instruments.

      i don’t think there are synth strings on anything but ‘read the blessed pages’, actually.

  6. Jordan Kay says:

    Is that Mick playing trumpet on “Ghost of Rockschool” and “I Can See Your Future,” or is it Chris on a synth trumpet patch? Doesn’t sound like him so I’m curious.

    1. Sarah says:

      It is indeed Mick.

  7. Hello all, I’ve read somewhere (probably here) a single would be released on October 25th. Is it delayed? I was also wondering whether a CDSingle is planned. “Download only” releases are not my cup of tea. JC PS: I love the new album.

    1. Sarah says:

      there’s been a flurry of questions about this… there was never going to be a CD or 7″ release of this single – it’s just a download, and just the one song. there may be another single out in a physical format sometime though.

  8. Sanda says:

    Hi, Why is’nt there any mention of Halloween fun on your site?

    1. Stuart says:

      whooooo- ooooooh!

  9. Jamie says:

    Sarah – “I Can See Your Future” is one of my favorite tracks on the new album. Kudos. I know that the rule of thumb with you lot is that the lead singer is usually also the primary songwriter. Did you write ICSYF? Or is this another Stuart-writes-a-girl-singer-song situation? Either way, it’s fantastic. On that same note, have you performed “Waiting for the Moon to Rise” live lately? Seen you all a zillion times and never heard it. Would love to…. xoxoxo

    1. Sarah says:

      thanks – yes, i did write that one. we have never done “Waiting for the Moon to Rise” live, and to be honest i can’t imagine it happening! we might have a go at ICSYF with the orchestra at one of the shows we have them booked for.

  10. Justin says:

    I was wondering why such a corker of a song Suicide Girl was absent from the final album? Also Blue Eyes of Millionaire and Last Trip are superb too. Is it a case of these songs can’t fit onto an audio CD. Thanks for the new album it’s been in my car playing non-stop!

    1. Stuart says:

      i just thought the record flowed better without suicide girls, but thanks for noticing it!

  11. Danilo says:

    Well, there’s a nice party tonight at the Lions Night Club (probably the best club in town).. the party is called Six Degrees (Andy Rourke has DJed recently)… I think Marky Ramone is DJing there tonight… but it’s far from a punk-rock club. http://www.lionsnightclub.com.br/blog/2010/11/08/terca-feira-9-de-novembro-six-degrees-especial-punk/1165 check it out… if you’re there, I’ll be glad to get u guys a round of drinks… :

    1. Stuart says:

      wow, we’re like talking, live here!

  12. David Newman says:

    Today, at the central library in Sacramento, CA I asked a librarian if use of cameras was permitted in the library. I explained that I love to take pictures of the city I call home, that I had hundreds of them, and that I wanted to photograph Sacramento from one of the fourth floor windows (the view is spectacular from that spot). She looked at me like I was a little crazy and suggested that it’s probably okay but that I should ask security. I thanked her and seeing in her face that look that asks, “Are you serious–Sacramento?” I answered her unspoken query aloud, “To see Sacramento the way l see her one has to be in love with her.” We both laughed. Write About Love! Suddenly today it strikes me like a truck. As I walk between 3rd Street and Alhambra Blvd, H Street and Broadway I play your new album a lot. I pray for cars as I run alongside and through traffic. I know what I Want The World To Stop has come to mean for me. I feel it every day. I know The Ghost Of Rockschool; I see God in the puddles I step in. I see God in Sacramento, all over Sacramento. You said Write About Love. Were you serious? That’s what makes this a question! Were you serious? Suddenly today it strikes me like a truck. Write About Love–I love Sacramento. LOL–no, this isn’t me writing about love. This is me saying, “Thank you Belle & Sebastian!!” This is me telling you what’s next 🙂 You had no idea that Belle & Sebastian GIVES love and inspiration to middle aged men 6000 miles away. Wait! I watched the video; maybe you did know. You said, “Write About Love.” I say, “To see Sacramento the way I see her one must be in love with her. I love my city; she loves me. I want to write a message to her. She is my city.” Glasgow, right? Your gray adorable city by the docks? I know a little of Edinburgh; I’ve visited there. Maybe next time I’ll visit Glasgow as well.

    1. Stuart says:

      hi david, hope the pictures came out!

  13. Are you desperately eager to see me next week in Buenos Aires as I am to see you guys? XXX

    1. Stuart says:

      of course, that’s why we broke our crazy necks to come see you!

  14. Laura Rooper says:

    Also, who sang “Expectation” at the Seattle show? (Benaroya Hall, 10/20). It didn’t look like Stuart?

    1. Sarah says:

      Stuart sang it, I assure you. with a little help from his friends (Stevie and me)

  15. Kieran says:

    I’m an Atheist but, upon my discovery of B&B, I’ve questioned my doubts because no such music like that you create can just happen without some godly intervention. You’re just too perfect and i’ll forever be a huge fan. <3 Belle and sebastian <3 P.S. Will there ever be a boxset of the albums 'Tigermilk' to 'Belle and Sebastian Write About love'? I own 4 of your albums, but all on download, but I'd love all 8 in tangible CD form.

    1. Sarah says:

      who needs a box set? just get them in the shops! or on amazon or something.

  16. Ivan says:

    There’s a little bit of a wiki war going on over the title of the new album – I created the article and gave it the title Belle & Sebastian Write About Love, and made sure any time the album is referenced to use that title. A few people have taken it on themselves to change everything to simple Write About Love, to match with the name of the song. I know Sarah’s previously confirmed the title is indeed Belle & Sebastian Write About love, but if this could be put to rest once and for all, for the sake of my own sanity, that would be wonderful 🙂

    1. Stuart says:

      i’m flexible about it, but just for you, lets say it’s the longer title. i like long titles after all!

  17. Ishmail says:

    Hi. I’ve just watched Fans Only for the first time in a few years and my question is this: are you still enjoying yourselves? There is such a warm, attractive quality to the early videos, a camaraderie which displays genuine friendships, that i wonder if it is still like that now things are on a bigger scale and presumably adult curses like responsibility weigh on you. Don’t worry, i’m not a look back bore – i think the new lp is as good as you’ve made, I’m just hoping you’re still enjoying yourselves and it hasn’t become a JOB. xx

    1. Stuart says:

      ha ha. if you could see the note i just sent to the band and crew about the boston gig. it was a note of thanks to everyone involved..

      “i still feel, a couple of days after, that the boston show was one of the finest i’ve ever had the privilege of being involved in. it was like surfing a perfect wave.”

      i just feel lucky, y’know!

  18. for my birthday, i want the world to stop. oh wait, belle and sebastian are putting out an album on that day. same thing, right? couldnt have asked for a better present.

    1. Mick says:

      Happy birthday Owen, belatedly.

  19. Josh says:

    Argh! Help! I cant get Come On Sister out of my head. It’s just too catchy! Do I need to see a doctor? Maybe the ultrasound guy…

    1. Stuart says:

      or the hip replacement guy..

  20. Alberto says:

    Did all (at-the-time) eight members play on all the tracks of IYFS? Or was there some mixing-and-matching going on? (Or would it be seven members as Mick Cook wasn’t a member yet? Or was he? Is he on every track? I can fool myself into hearing trumpet on every song, but I’m good at believing whatever I want.)

    1. Mick says:

      You are quite right, I wasn’t a member at the time, and only played on three songs (Stars of Track and Field, Get Me Away From Here, and Judy). The others are all pretty much on every song.

  21. Andrew says:

    Is Blue Eyes likely to be released properly in the UK? Its so brilliant I want to be able to hold it (blush)

    1. Mick says:

      I have no idea. It’s one of my favourites too.

  22. Emma says:

    Why is the Write About Love contest only open to American residents? I was so excited to enter, especially after the amazing concert last Tuesday. Now I can’t just because I’m Canadian? Not cool.

    1. Mick says:

      Matador are the guys to bring it up with. It was their idea!

  23. Jamesie says:

    Hey Sarah, I’ve recently heard ‘Heaven in the Afternoon’ and needless to say I think it’s wonderful! I’m a sucker for a brass section and it reminds me of Young Soul Rebels-era Dexys and ‘The Teams they Meet in Cafs’ in Just wondered if you were a Dexys fan and whether it was a deliberate homage? Best of luck with the album, will be coming to see you at the Barrowlands!

    1. Sarah says:

      yeah, we’re all into that Dexy’s record. i love a brass section too!

  24. Matt says:

    hello, might you guys make the suicide girl and last trip bonus songs available on the Australian itunes store? I’d love to get the extra songs but can’t afford to ship the vinyl down under. Thanks if you can consider it!

    1. Stuart says:

      i think they will be..i’ll ask!

  25. Andrea says:

    Is the time for isolated singles definitely over for B&S?

    1. Stuart says:

      No way!

  26. Stuart, I could swear you’ve said that you’re not a romantic, but “Read the Blessed Pages” is one of the most beautiful and romantic songs I’ve ever heard. This verse in particular: “Ever will I love you Now your chapter’s over Ever will I love you You were good to me” brings tears to my eyes every time I hear it, especially if it’s about who I think it is (Isobel?).

    1. Stuart says:

      thanks lauren, but i will say emphatically that this verse is not about isobel, it’s about my dad, but your tears are no less fitting

  27. Jon says:

    Hey Stuart. Is the photo inside the new album a homage to The Smiths song ‘Cemetry Gates’? With Keats and Yeats in the wild(e)? Or am I being a complete nerd and over analysing? Just a thought…

    1. Stuart says:

      i don’t think you would have to be a nerd to spot that one!

  28. Kellye says:

    I agree about ‘Blue Eyes of A Millionaire’ being one of the best songs… I can’t stop listening to it! Why was it left off of the album? It seems like it would have fit in well with the other songs… Lastly, who wrote it? It’s brilliant.

    1. Sarah says:

      it’s one of Stuart’s songs

  29. Lauren from New York says:

    Actually I do have a question. Who plays that awesome bassline on Blue Eyes of a Millionaire? Mick or Bob?

    1. Sarah says:

      That would be Mick

  30. Lance Salemo says:

    LOVE the new record, but quick question regarding the TV show about the album: what is the bit of music playing under the opening credits?

    1. Sarah says:

      It’s called Blue Eyes of a Millionaire, and it is probably available somehow in connection with the LP. One of the best, I think – can’t believe it got left off the record.

  31. patrick says:

    Blur or Oasis? i cant decide, so who better to ask than you lot? PS you were my faves at latitude

    1. Sarah says:

      Blur, obviously

  32. Mar says:

    So, any B&S members excited at the prospect of a reformed Pulp??

  33. Hi do you know what day your playing at Bowlie in December? I cant be there till saturday and if I know it’ll save me a lot of worrying that I’m going to miss you! Thanks xxx

    1. Sarah says:

      we’ll be playing on saturday, i think.

  34. Paul says:

    Yes, I can see the boldface type above. I’m not asking you when you’re coming to fabulous Madison, Wisconsin. I’m bribing the whole band and crew with a free meal at our number one breakfast spot, Lazy Jane’s.

    1. Stuart says:

      you got a lazy jane’s there?

  35. Nat says:

    Hey, guys! Buenos Aires is counting down the days to see you live –we are SO happy to have you among us :). Anyway, big and crucial question: is there ANY chance that you end up playing Jonathan David at the Luna Park gig? You know, dancing with you all up on stage to Jonathan David ranked number one on my “Impossible-to-Materialize-Dreams” list, so what if we reverse that situation?! What if I come up with a poster BEGGING you to play it and to pick me up? What if, what if, what if? One way or another, I’ll be happy to dance and sing and clap and have fun with all of you. You will never forget the Argentines, we’ll be a fantastic crowd to play for! 🙂

    1. Stuart says:

      can’t wait for it, though i don’t think stevie’s singing that one just now. he’ll sing something else for you

  36. Giovanna says:

    Is there any possibility of a Norah’s participation at your concert in Sao Paulo next week? We know she’d be in Brazil and probably without an agenda. x

    1. Stuart says:

      i think a woman of norah’s fame always has an agenda!
      i don’t think we’re crossing paths..

  37. Juju says:

    Tickets purchased for the day 11/10 – São Paulo – Brazil :))) I’m waiting for you!!!! 😉 Kiss

    1. Stuart says:

      we’re here!

  38. Carolina says:

    Hi, guys! Please, I beg you, play “funny little frog” and “another sunny day” on your concert in Sao Paulo! I just love so much those songs. Thanks. Really looking forward to seeing you!

    1. Stuart says:

      will try to carolina!

  39. Mila says:

    Can you please play I’m a Cuckoo tomorrow in São Paulo? I love this song! Thank you for being here in Brazil! Love you! See you tomorrow! Kisses, Mila. PS. sorry, my english is not so good…

    1. Stuart says:

      hi mila

      i’m making the setlist now, and i’m putting it in for you


  40. Rodolfo says:

    I know it’s complicated, but I’ll be very thankfull if you play “Lazy line painter Jane” in São Paulo gig. It’s one of my favourite music EVER! =)

    1. Stuart says:

      it’s unlikely. you’d have to come up and sing it!

  41. Hello, B&S! I’m really excited about the concert in São Paulo this Wednesday! I’d like to know if you guys are intending to perform any Mutantes song, as you did the last time you came to Brazil. I’d love to see that happen! Cheers! 🙂

    1. Stuart says:

      probably not, but then you never know what mood stevie is in!

  42. karina says:

    Could you please please please play Get Me Away From Here I’m Dying in São Paulo?

    1. Stuart says:

      yes, of course. i’ll slip it in at the end for you

  43. Danilo says:

    Are any of you guys going out tonight in Sao Paulo? Should let us know, huh? 😛

    1. Stuart says:

      why, what’s happening tonight? i’m prob going to lie low..

  44. linnea says:

    can you please come to nyc soon?

    1. Richard says:

      Just played there.

  45. When are you genius’s coming to America? More specifically Atlanta or Nashville. Saw you about 10 years ago in ATL. It blew my mind?

    1. Sarah says:

      We’re in America now, and have been for 3 and a half weeks – but we head back home tomorrow, so you’ve missed us for this time.

  46. Jenny says:

    Just wanted to add my thanks to the chorus of folks writing about how great the DC show was. This was my fourth time seeing you all perform and each show replaces the last as my favorite. And congrats on another fine album! If I may, I had one quick question — what type of keyboard were you playing up at the front Sarah? Thank you again! xo

    1. Sarah says:


      that keyboard is a Korg MS2000

  47. Blaise says:

    Is the occasionally-mustachioed Beans participating in Movember ?

    1. Sarah says:

      our crew are all doing it, but Beans’s girlfriend has forbidden him from participating.

  48. Pete says:

    Dear Stuart, what is going on with The Celestial Cafe, it seems to already be sold out everywhere despite only being released eight days ago. Surely you should know by know that the B+S crowd are eager readers! Also, will you be getting up early on Friday morning for your Pulp tickets?

    1. Stuart says:

      it’s not printed yet! we’ll print more!

  49. Mark says:

    Hi. I’m looking forward to reading Stuart’s book. Do you know when it’s going to be in the book shops? Thank you.

    1. Stuart says:

      it’s going to be ready for bowlie, dec 12th. in fact i’m going to do a reading/q and a thing there. i think it will be in the shops round about then..

  50. Sarah, did you study at the Glasgow School of Art?

    1. Sarah says:

      no, I went to Glasgow university.

  51. Frances says:

    Hello! I am awfully curious to know if any of Belle & Sebastian are left-handers (We are a rare treasure). Anyone who is will automatically be given the position of Frances’ Favourite Band Member. 🙂 x

    1. Sarah says:

      you have 3 favourites, then! Chris, Stuart and Richard are all lefties.

  52. Ploncey says:

    How tall are you, Mr. Murdoch?

    1. Stuart says:

      tall, very tall. much taller than i seem on TV, in fact much taller that i seem on stage too. about 3 and 1/2 cubits.

  53. At the gig at Benaroya Hall, you mentioned that after the show, you’d be up for getting a flu shot from a 24 hour pharmacy, or as you said “chemist”. Did that ever happen? Also, I was at the doctors the other day, since I’ve been sick for the past week. They offered a flu mist! Much better than the shot, if you ask me! They just spray it up your nose.

    1. Stuart says:

      i couldn’t get to one before i left the US, but that was just as well, cause i was still sick from something i picked up in mexico.. i’m getting one on monday, along with probiotics and i think Hep A/Typhoid for South America. it’s fun being old..

      i’m ok with shots. i get acupuncture a lot, so i find the needles comforting

  54. Sophie says:

    Hi B&S, I just want to be all competitive here and say I’m probably going to get the prize for having Travelled the Furthest To Attend Bowlie 2: I’m coming all the way from Australia for it! So q: what’s the craziest destination a fan you’ve met has travelled from to see you guys? I’m sure there are some insane ones!

    1. Sarah says:

      The Old Guard of Banchory Management are also travelling from Australia to come to Bowlie. And Neil in particular is very competitive. Careful what you start. Good effort, though: to our knowledge we’re not expecting any interplanetary visitors.

  55. Matthew says:

    Ever been to Wyoming? It’s a lovely place, if you’re into mountains, boiling water shooting out of the ground, lots of space, and non-existent state income tax. On second thought, why don’t you all move to Wyoming? You’d love it, trust me.

    1. Sarah says:

      i would LOVE to go to wyoming. i’d love to do a coast-to-coast drive through the US sometime and take in Yellowstone and Mount Rushmore and all kinds of places in the middle.

  56. Joseph says:

    In the 1996 “volleyball team” press shot, who is the third woman (besides Martin and Campbell) in the center front? And who is the fellow sitting in the lower left — Cooke?

    1. Sarah says:

      the boy in the bottom left corner is our erstwhile manager, Neil. the girl front and centre is Ciara, Stuart’s friend, who’s also the cover star of If You’re Feeling Sinister

  57. Steve says:

    Now that Pumpkin has been mentioned in the sleeve notes does that mean he (she?) is now the official band mascot?How about posting a pic!!

    1. Sarah says:

      I dunno about that – she actually did nothing to merit the mention in the sleeve notes. Abbey and June were integral to the recording process, however. Pumpkin was in the Guardian pictures though the other week.

  58. Victoria says:

    Instead of a question I thought I’d give you an answer. “Soon, if not today”

    1. Stuart says:

      When am i going to have a nice cup of tea again?

  59. Peter says:

    I am still in the afterglow of your fantastic set at Treasure Island, but am concerned about the hat Stuart lost on the J-Church streetcar. I can fish it out of the Lost and Found since I work for the Muni railway, and would be happy to send it back to you (you have my word!)…even if I’d rather hang onto it to ensure you come back “home” to San Francisco. Please send me a description, and I’ll see if I can get it back before it ends up in Lost-and-Found limbo. All the best, Peter Albert

    1. Stuart says:

      well, it’s a black hat, think it may be from H&M, like the chimney sweep in mary poppins

      except BIGGER!

      best of luck!

  60. Rose says:

    Are you excited to see me tomorrow? I’m pretty excited about seeing all of you!

  61. Jon B says:

    Firstly, i’d like to say how great it was to walk over Waterloo Bridge this evening whilst listening to ‘Write about Love’. A first listen of a new B & S album has 8 different memories for me, this one being quite special (as a new dad!), because my life has changed so much since the last! I can’t make any of the UK concerts as a result of my recent promotion to dad-hood but am still clinging to the hope of a London gig. Is this a possibility? If so then I promise to recruit a new fan in 4 month old Olivia! Any-hoo, my love is unconditional. Thanks for the (new) memories.

    1. Mick says:

      Congratulations Jon. I’m a new dad too. Touring has taken me away from little Ralph just now. I think there’s a strong possibility of a London show first half of next year, if we can get availability on the venue/s we want.

  62. Chris says:

    I’m a rank athiest but can still appreciate the beauty of something like The Ghost of Rockschool. I was just wondering if you were a fan of Gerard Manley Hopkins’ poetry because your song brought it to mind, not in style but in sense. If you don’t know them, stuff like Pied Beauty and God’s Grandeur could appeal. Thanks for the music. All the best.

    1. Stuart says:

      love the hopkins, from my days of failing uni..
      he is kind of timeless, his style seems quite modern

  63. karina says:

    Thank you so much for playing Get Me Away From Here I’m Dying at Via Funchal last night. You guys were amazing, I had to pinch myself to see if I wasn’t dreaming. We miss you already in São Paulo! Kisses

    1. Stuart says:

      we had a brilliant time, you guys were the best!

      much love

  64. giovanna says:

    Today’s my birthday and my gift was seeing you at via funchal, são paulo, on wednesday. I travelled half country just to see you, but I don’t regret at all, ’cause it was one of my best nights of all time. Thank you so much, that’s what I have to say. You were fantastic, I still can’t believe it really happened. I cried, but of happiness. So thanks again, my perfect birthday presents, you’re just awesome. x

    1. Sarah says:

      Happy Birthday! We’re glad you could make it – thanks for coming.

  65. Pedro says:

    Thank you sooo much for the show here in Rio de Janeiro! I hope you enjoyed comming here as much as we did! Come back as soon as you can (and maybe take a tour! haha)

    1. Stuart says:

      one of my favourite shows ever. the best singers of any audience, in RIO!

  66. Nathalia says:

    Sarah, you seemed so happy in the Rio concert! Did you guys enjoy the concert? Cariocas are famous for being a lively crowd!

    1. Sarah says:

      yeah, you guys made me laugh so much – everytime i took my earphones out you were way louder than us. Rio on a friday night is clearly the place to be. we all had a great time.

  67. Hi Stuart!! I´ve just got home from the show @ Luna Park, in Buenos Aires.. i don´t have many words.. I´m in a state of joy!! thanx for all the beatufil music & the energy! Did you like the gig? we waited soooo long to see you here!! Please, come back soon! are you staying in the city for a few days? If so… I´d love to meet you! Thanks again!!

    1. Stuart says:

      See above..

  68. Fred says:

    Guys, i just feel the need to thank you for the amazing gig you ve played last night in Buenos Aires. Clearly, this looong awaiting was worth of it. Please, promise us next time you won t take that long to come to Argentina again !!! Seriously, one of the best gigs i ve ever seen in my life. Again, thanks for coming ! Enjoy Buenos Aires this few days you re staying !

    1. Stuart says:

      See above…

  69. Federico says:

    Thank you for a beautiful night in Buenos Aires! It was really an unexpected gift to see you guys… When will you be back??

    1. Stuart says:

      See above….

  70. Martina says:

    Dear B&S, I just want to thank you for the AMAZING show you played in Buenos Aires. Blue Veins just melted my heart. You’re the soundtrack of my happiest moments and I wish I could just hug you all at the same time 🙂

    1. Stuart says:

      See above…..

  71. Juliana says:

    How’s your arm? Are the bruises you got from the rough Argentine audience getting any better? I was worried sick when I saw how the people grabbed you and wouldn’t let go! This ain’t Glasgow, sadly you can’t just walk around the audience without them going kinda crazy.

    1. Stuart says:

      See above……

  72. Damasia says:

    Thanks for coming to Buenos Aires. It was an awesome show!! Really unforgettable!! Left me wanting to dance on stage with you but I dance around in my place specially with If you find yourself caught in love. Now I´m in the office at work dreaming about lastnight. Stuart dancing=Pure Love. Now that you know us you have to return soon:).Hope you have enjoyed lastnight at the Luna Park and the city too. Remember us and come back soon!!(Bobby sos muy lindo)Love.

    1. Stuart says:

      See above…….

  73. Emilia says:

    Stuart, I was waiting for you after the concert in Santiago, out of the theatre. I was so nervious, that I couldn’t talk to you, I can’t even take a picture of you, because I was trembling so hard. I don’t know if you remember me, I had a “the life pursuit” t-shirt. Just wanna say thanks for playing “the loneliness of a middle distance runner”, after so many nights of dreaming with it. Please come back! xxx

    1. Stuart says:

      See above……..

  74. Daniela says:

    Thanks for coming to Chile and thanks for playing There´s too much love. I saw the best show ever, it was just like I dreamed. You are THE MOST INCREDIBLE MUSICIANS!!!. I hope you had a great time just like me. Love! Daniela.

    1. Stuart says:

      See above………

  75. Maria says:

    Hi guys! First of all I want to say thank you very much for the great concert in Buenos Aires. It was an incredible night for me and for a lot of people. I still can’t believe that I had the opportunity to meet you, guys. You’re so cool and nice. You really made my day… and made me dance a lot!! Stuart, are you going to keep the flag that my friend and I gave you after the show? It’s the flag with the three pink hearts. Hope you enjoy your days round here, and come back soon! Maria

    1. Stuart says:

      Thank you for all your messages! To the Q and A and to the website. I thought i’d post a few up (see below) and assure you that the band all had an brilliant time at the Buenos Aires show. I don’t think we were quite prepared for the reception you gave as, (and for the size of the hall!) but once we started playing the songs i felt the connection with you guys, and it felt like we were coming round to your house to play a few old records. It was a lot of fun.

      And i’m glad we got to hang out afterwards and meet some of you. You are all very charming and pretty! (and yes we have still got that flag and we’re going to hang it in our practice room with a flag from Santiago also!)

      The band has been exploring the city. So far there have been expeditions to Palermo Soho, Recoleta, La Boca. Last night most of us ate in Monserrat in a place that Maradona obviously goes to quite a lot! In fact, i think we were sitting at his table!

      So, we will soon be heading up to Columbia; this whole SA trip has been terrific. Let us just say that you have never been far from our thoughts and plans in recent years, and i have the feeling that we will come back and play to you again soon.

      Belle and Sebastian

  76. Paula says:

    Hi =) This is more like a thank you than a question itself but I didn’t know where else to send it to. Just a few hours ago I was at your concert in Chile and I have to say than it was really wonderful and I just couldn’t stop smiling during the whole thing. Just wished that Stuart could have found a ladder.. Soo I guess my question would be.. Did you guys enjoy the concert as well? Are you planning to come back in the future??

    1. Stuart says:

      And i’m not forgetting our friends in Chile too. Another unexpected delight to come to a country so far away from ours, and find that our music has found a magical connection somehow. I loved your city and i loved the show on Sunday night. Your smiles and enjoyment made it so enjoyable for us; i’m sure that we will make every effort to come and play again soon. maybe we should do a south american bowlie, get you guy altogether, bring some bands down from scotland, pick some bands from brasil, argentine, chile, uruguay. wow, it sounds like the world cup in ’78!

  77. Hey, guys! My name is Daniel, I’m thirteen and I’d like to tell you that the show in Rio was the most incredible night of my life! I just wanted to thank you all for coming again to Brazil and being so nice with us – there was even a marriage proposal on stage, but the best was Stuart trying to speak portuguese! Did you guys have time to visit any place in the city or the trip was too fast? Hope you’ll come back to Rio someday, and I’ll certainly be there! Thanks!

    1. Stuart says:

      Hey Daniel, i’ll try to learn some more portuguese for the next time!

  78. Hi Stuart, Just my usual request to please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please play “The Model” and “The Loneliness Of The Middle Distance Runner” when you come to Belfast. You will make me one happy chappy!

    1. Stuart says:

      will try..

  79. martin james says:

    Hi Sarah, do you think you guys will perform some more songs from Write About Love on UK leg of tour? I notice you have only played Didn’t See It Coming, Write About Love, Real World & World To Stop (Blessed has had a couple of airings also)so far. Desperate to hear Ghost Of Rockschool & I Can See Your Future. Take care x

    1. Sarah says:

      for The Ghost of Rockschool, you’re going to have to petition Mr Murdoch.We have practiced it, and I would dearly love to play it.

      As for your other request, if you come to one of the orchestral shows your wish may come true. I don’t think I’d want to do it without a few horn players though, so it won’t become a regular fixture, but we might as well use the orchestra while we have ’em.

  80. Ana says:

    Hi, guys! It’s been almost a week now I’m back home since I saw your concert in Rio and I’m still thrilled about it! My friend and I traveled more than 1500km just to see you guys, and it definitely worth it!!! Next time you come to Brazil, please play in Porto Alegre as well. Question: did the crazy audience in Rio scarred you? Are you used to that in Europe as well?

    1. Sarah says:

      We weren’t scared, no! You were the most energetic, enthusiastic audience ever though, totally off the scale! We’re not used to that level of craziness, unfortunately – there’s nowhere like Rio. We’ll be back as soon as possible.

  81. Steve says:

    Are you going to publish a running order for Bowlie 2?My second fave band, Camera Obscura, are playing and I need to know who,where and when.Also,are bands playing on different stages at the same time a la Glastonbury?

    1. Stuart says:

      it’s coming!
      we will stagger where we may!

  82. harriet says:

    would you like to make me the happiest girl on the planet? if no…ignore below if yes…pleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplease pretty please with a HUGE cherry on top could you possibly make sure you include piazza, new york catcher on your setlist for Manchester Apollo? It’s only my favourite song of all time…

    1. Stuart says:

      will try to remember..

  83. Steve says:

    Secret band?Here at snowbound towers the smart money has come up with (perm one from three) Divine Comedy,Pulp or a reformed Orange Juice

    1. Stuart says:

      pulp would be a great one, wouldn’t it..

  84. Hi Folks. Really looking forward to your gig in Belfast next week. Can I second James’ request below for you to pleeeeeeeeeease play “The Loneliness Of The Middle Distance Runner”? How about “Dirty Deram Number 2”?

    1. Stuart says:

      done. dirty deram it is

  85. Ren says:

    Does someone own a shared couch if they’ve had sex on it more than three times?

    1. Stuart says:

      this is outside of my jurisdiction. you got to go to Couch Court

  86. rebecca riot says:

    Mr Murdoch, you claim to be about 3 and a half cubits. In a frivolous but curious endeavour to find out what this meant, I typed the question into Google. At first I discovered that you were three and a half times your own forearm. Which didn’t mean much. Then I discovered you were, by the English understanding of cubits, 159.12cm. This still didn’t mean much. Then I asked Google what this was in feet. It informed me that you were 5.2 feet, (which makes you quite a wee pixie). And directly after this, Google informed me that, available for purchase is a “Pinnochio mascot costume christmas adult cartoon fancy sexy” in USD. HAS IT ALL GONE WRONG?

    1. Stuart says:

      yes, i am 3.5 taller cubits. cubits changed over the eons

  87. Adry says:

    Hello guys!!! first at all, let me tell u that u guys rock!!! yesterday show in Buenos Aires it was more than awesome, but i would like to come by and say hello to all of you, are u gonna spend some days in Buenos Aires??? are u planning an special visit to some interesting place? it would be so nice to chat and take a pic with u. besos

    1. Stuart says:

      See above……….

  88. juan m says:

    hey guys. i took the bus from vermont a few weeks ago to see you guys at the wang theater in boston. just wanted to let you know that moments like when stuart ‘awarded’ the audience dancers with medals at the end of the boy with the arab strap while singing ‘she’s got style’ are what make concerts magical.

    1. Stuart says:

      better make some more then, i think we’re out!

  89. Stuart For someone interested in checking out FELT what album would you suggest to start with?

    1. Stuart says:

      gold mine trash
      forever breathes the lonely word

  90. Hola todos! Are you still guys all living in Glasgow? If that’s the case, how or why did you resist the temptation to travel south to London? From the point of view of someone who lives in the other hemisphere, I find it fascinating to immediately associate an artist to certain city in particular, it gives me the idea of whole unit, of a concept I don’t get when they came from London. Anyway, would love to hear what your opinion is if you ever thought about it. Love, Charles from Buenos Aires.

    1. Sarah says:

      yeah, we all still live in Glasgow. I don’t remember there ever being any temptation to move to London as a group. We stayed there for a couple of months while we made Dear Catastrophe Waitress, and we had fun, and it’s a good place to visit regularly, but Glasgow is a pretty big part of this band.

  91. Kevin says:

    Go on, indulge me – what’s your favourite Orange Juice song, and album ?

    1. Sarah says:

      no contest for the album: Ostrich Churchyard. And i think Consolation Prize probably is my favourits, though it’d be a close run thing with Intuition Told Me and You Old Eccentric.

  92. Hi Stevie. IS not easy to look for this answer because Richard is the name of your drummer so if you have answered this question before i’m sorry. Who is Mr. Richard from the song of The Blues are Still Blues ep? Thanks.

    1. Stevie says:


  93. celeste says:

    hola! i just want to know if you like playing in argentina,and if it was worth it. aaaand what do you like the most of our country? for me it was the best show in years! and i can say i have been in so many! *including morrisey! thanks and we love b&s! ♥

    1. Stuart says:

      See above………..

  94. Thiago says:

    Is it Isobel or Sarah who sangs “Nothing in the silence”? I love this song, but I had never been able to recognize the singer.

    1. Sarah says:

      it’s both of us: first Isobel, then me, then Isobel, then me again

  95. Mayra says:

    Hey guys..I met you last tuesday,you were so kind with us…thanks =).We really appreciate it :)..and thanks for coming to Argentina,the show was amazing! What do you enjoy most about being a musician?? …

    1. Stuart says:

      meeting you guys and playing that show!

  96. Pedro says:

    I always imagined what means the following sentence, from There’s too much love: “You think I’m faultless to a ‘t’ ” Can you explain? This is my favorite song from B&S. It’s just brilliant.

    1. Stuart says:

      It means, almost too perfect. So the lines saying
      “You think i’m precious. You think i’m first and foremost a perfectionist, but i’m not. ”

      I don’t know the origins of the phrase!

  97. Ailen says:

    Hello guys ! This isn’t a question itself, but I do need to get it off my chest!.I want you to know that your show in Buenos Aires last Monday was the best show I’ve ever been to in my entire life (and i’m really saying something here, since I went to Paul McCartney’s concert last Wensday! haha). You were AMAZING, the setlist was just out of this world and most importantly I think you managed to bond with every single person in the hall. Seriously, it felt as though you were playing for me in my living room!. You are LOVELY, please, COME BACK SOON and keep making us happy with your music 🙂

    1. Stuart says:

      Wow! Were we up there with Macca? I heard his show was great..

  98. Arturo says:

    Thanks a lot for come to Colombia ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ I lmost died when a friend told me that you will come because I have to confess that I never thought that you will come someday to my country and it is like a dream become true. I love your music long time ago and, two days before my birth, your concert will be the most beatiful gift that someone can give me.Muchisimas Gracias Belle and Sebastian.

    1. Stuart says:

      We’re here! And our heads are swimming with the altitude!

  99. Pilar says:

    Hello! I’m still shocked for the concert in buenos aires, I will like to take a remote control and be back to monday 15. The show was just amazing and it happend really fast! also because I have never seen a band that I really liked much as you and that’s probably why I’m so amazed! (i’m 14)It’s only being one week and I want you to come back already. thanks to all! I love you (sorry for being 1 of 1234567890 person telling you this but I had to do it)

    1. Stuart says:

      cheers pilar, we’ll be back someday!

  100. paola says:

    oh my god guys yesterday you blew my mind!!! that was so awesome!!!! and it couldn’t finish better, tha last song was my favorite one (you played a song that set me free :D), i could get a phoyo with stuart and my setlist was signed by you!!! thank so much for that amazing experience… would you like to come back?

    1. Stuart says:

      yes we’ll come back. i want to see what the next 5 years does to your crazy city. first thing. electrify your buses! it’s a simple thing, but it will make a start on the polution thing you got going!

      we had a blast!

  101. sarah says:

    I love the suicide girls song on the new record because I am one of those girls and it’s so amazing you guys did that song. had you seen the website? known one of the girls? whats the scoop?

    1. Stuart says:

      i was introduced to the SG’s through a friend who wanted me to take her debut set… erm, just like the song. we never quite got round to it, stuff got in the way, but she got the song instead.

      my wife just came in and showed me a clip of two suicide girls who have made a clip for the song. pretty hot stuff. must be said they didn’t stick entirely to the story of the song, but i’m definitely into seeing other people’s ideas.

      slightly unrelated but – i hope the record label don’t tell them to stop using the song. they have our blessing… there was a nice animation on youtube for another sunny day that got pulled by our record company i think – a pity.

      the public rule, usually.

  102. Marianne says:

    Hey folks
    I’m planning a trip to England next year, so I wanna ask you: which is the
    best month to do it and watch good shows (hopefully one of yours)? Is there a “festival season” or something like that?
    I’ll probably be spending more time in Glasgow, because I’ve always wanted to know the city of my favourite band!
    ps.: I’m still thinking that I was dreaming every time I remember the show you guys did in Rio.
    It was the most beautiful moment of my life!
    Love, Marianne.

  103. Disco Patty says:

    hi there – heard a rumour B&S are playing the Opera House in Sydney in March 2011 – is this true?? if so, early request for lazy line painter jane!! 🙂

    1. Stevie says:

      Only a rumour at the moment. . but we will be announcing some Australian shows to fit around Golden Plains and our trip to Japan soon. . .

  104. Hi!
    I found these tourdates:
    08.04.2011 Cologne
    15.04.2011 Munich
    18.04.2011 Berlin
    19.04.2011 Hamburg
    But no info here on the site. Just wishful thinking?

    1. Don’t trust these dates! We will be going to Germany in April, but are still juggling the dates and venues. Keep an eye on the website for all the details soon.

  105. Keith says:

    Hi all,
    I am going to my first B&S gig on Sunday and I’m really looking forward to it. However, I am in a bit of a quandary that requires your urgent assistance.

    As I don’t want to look like one of the new guys I want to know one thing and one thing only…What should I wear?!

  106. sasmitamurti says:

    today is my birthday..do you mind to say happy birthday to me?? and wish me something/anything good for 21 years old girl like me??

  107. Karl says:

    Hi band,

    I’ve seen you three times now, once in about 1998, once in about 2005, and last Monday at Birmingham Symphony Hall.

    Last week’s gig was by far my favourite. In fact, it was one of my all-time favourite gigs (alongside seeing Love play Forever Changes from start to end).

    Was the orchestra a one-off indulgence, or do you have plans to use them again? I’d happily pay a monthly subscription to go to that same gig once a month. 🙂


    1. Stuart says:

      hopefully we’re not finished with the LCO. i loved it!

  108. gaya says:

    I’d like to use Fiction as soundtrack for an animation project i’m working on. It’s a personal project and i’ll be putting it in my portfolio as part of my application to art school if it turns out as well as it looks in my head.
    I won’t be uploading it on youtube or vimeo (so the record label won’t be throwing a fit), but thought i’d ask if you mind, just in case.

    1. Sarah says:

      go ahead! (and good luck with your application)

  109. Bill says:

    Hiya…love the new album, absolutely brilliant as expected!! Big fan but never seen you live unfortunately..will be in the UK this January (London & Glasgow) but seems like no live dates…You’re not doing any one offs by any chance are you?

    1. Sarah says:

      not in January, no: we are having some time off, and various members will be scattered around the place. we’re playing in London in May though. and Glasgow tomorrow, Monday and Tuesday.

  110. Paul & Kerry says:


    We were in the bar at the Symphony Hall on 6th Dec, just after the support act started and Beans walked past. I cursed myself as it took too long to register who he was before I could say anything.

    Then we (almost) literally bumped into Stevie coming out of the lift. And again I missing the opportunity to say hi.

    I waited for more band members to randomly appear in the bar, but nothing doing. So my question is… What on earth were you all up to? Do you normally individually wander around the public areas of venues so soon before going on stage?

    Great show by the way – we both agreed it was one of your best.

    1. Sarah says:

      I was probably down by the canal hoping my dog would ‘perform’ before she got put in her wee box in the dressing room.

  111. James Brunt says:

    Hello B&S folk
    The Sage gig the other night was amazing as always, I just wanted to ask how you feel about sit down gigs? Personally I was torn, on one hand it was a real pleasure to sit and watch you lot at work, while on the other hand wanting to dance around like someone far younger than my years. Also do you choose the support? Daniel Kitson and Gavin Osborn was an inspired choice, such a bonus as I was gutted when I missed there Latitude shows.
    Thanks everyone, it was very special.

    1. Sarah says:

      first question: are you any relation to Hugh Brunt (the conductor of the LCO)?

      I am pretty bored with sit-down gigs, of which there have been more this year than ever before. way too many! Manchester pipped Gateshead and Birmingham purely on that basis – there were seats, but because it’s more of a normal ‘gig’ venue people were standing up, and the whole thing became more dynamic as a result. Stuart and I reckoned that show would’ve been ok with the whole downstairs standing up. We’re hoping we’ll be able to do a show with the orchestra again where the floor WILL be standing, but with seats at the back / in the balcony for those not ready to rock. It’s definitely a far more enjoyable experience for the band if people are on their feet.

      The main gripe I have with seated shows is that the people who are most excited to be there and engage with the band are not always, or not often, the people with the ready cash in their bank accounts to go out and buy front row seats. You feel less like a performing monkey when people are joining in with the singing and dancing at the front. We were a bit put out at someone’s description of us as a ‘heritage band’ earlier this year, but i think we’ve played into it, which is my only regret of the year actually. I mean, nothing says ‘heritage band’ like a fully seated gig in a really posh theatre or with an orchestra. Hopefully we can install spikes in the seats of any posh venues we play in next year! Our forthcoming show at the AB in Brussels, for instance, is a light on the horizon for that reason. Ok, rant over.

      Some folk had seen Daniel and Latitude, and thought he would be a fun addition to the tour, and he was a nice guy to have in tow. And he added to the duffle coat brigade, which is never a bad thing.

  112. Mark says:

    What was it like to perform your songs with that huge orchestra at Gateshead last night – and how much preparation/rehearsing went into it? It was just awesome for us lucky enough to be there – the songs from the new album were the highlight with the orchestra turning I Can See The Future and the others into some of the most unforgettable moments I’ve ever experienced in a live performance. Are you going to film one of the orchestra gigs or at least record them for release? Please say yes! Oh, and did Mick really do all the arrangements? Must have taken a while to write out all those parts!

    1. Sarah says:

      As you guessed, it took a lot of people a lot of work to get those shows together. It was worth it though!

      Mick handled a lot of the work with the orchestra, and worked really hard on the arrangements, though he wasn’t quite working from scratch, luckily for him – the arrangements have largely come together incrementally over the years, from me and Isobel and Stuart working out parts, to them being written out for string sections, to Nick Ingman preparing scores based on our arrangements for the ‘waitress’ LP and a guy called Sean O’Lachlan who embellished our existing arrangements for the LA show we did with an orchestra at the Hollywood Bowl; some of the most memorable ones are the ones that Mick did on his own though: the brass on ‘I’m A Cuckoo’, the everything-but-the-kitchen-sink arrangement for ‘Dear Catastrophe Waitress’… and without Mick to consolidate everything and type out all the parts to songs on the new album, it would all have sounded considerably less epic.

  113. Matheus says:

    hey guys
    i was wondering…what do you do just after the shows? do you go out to a bar or something or you just stay inside wherever you’ve played?

    1. Chris says:

      It depends. Last night we stayed in the venue as we had plenty of booze, lots of friends there and the weather was rubbish outside. I used to take records on tour a lot and go and do after parties in clubs but I’ve got lazy in my old age and can’t be bothered these days. If we’re in the middle of a run of shows on a sleeper bus it’s nice to go out to a bar though, just so you’ve seen somewhere other than the venue that day.
      Tonight a friend of ours is doing a night close to the Barras that they’re making an aftershow for the gig so I’ll probably go here for a bit.

  114. Joe says:


    On Sleep Around The Clock, you guys are using an array of of effects and such. If its not a secret, what are they? Are they pedals or synths?

    I just think they sound magnificent and I’d like to achieve a similar sound on my own.


    1. Chris says:

      Live or on the record? As far as I remember there’s a Roland Jupiter 8 playing the arpeggio, and an SH101 and maybe a Juno 106 doing some of the other keyboard parts, and an R8 drum machine doing the 808 sounds along with Richard’s kit. Sadly most of that stuff is now not working, or buried in storage somewhere like the final scene of “Raiders of the Lost Arc”
      These days when we do it live I play the Scarbee A-200 Wurlitzer Piano off the laptop and add a bit of phaser and amp overdrive as the song goes on, while Mark Trayner, our keyboard tech, also plays on the song and does a lot of Lesie and drawbar stuff on the Hammond Organ, lots of glissandi and sputtering etc.

  115. Anna says:

    do you guys make enough money from music to avoid having real jobs?

    1. Sarah says:

      We have been very fortunate, and have done up to now, ever since the band had been going a couple of years. It wouldn’t be possible to hold down a real job and tour the way we have been. Even making records – we take our hats off to people who do manage to make recordings on top of having jobs. The thought of getting 7 people in the same place after work isn’t all that easy these days, now that some folk have families to attend to. It’s something that we need to think about – we worked really hard last year, and are still waiting for the final sums to be done to see whether we really do earn enough not to get jobs. Certainly for me, if it hadn’t been for a tax rebate and a loan from my mum and dad (a bit tragic at the age of 36), i would’ve been sunk this year – I certainly earned less than a PhD student who wrote to us recently, convinced we were all millionaires. So you’ve asked the million dollar question!

      Do you want fries with that?

  116. Andy. says:

    if you could be a member of any other band what band would it be,past or present?

    1. Sarah says:

      I think The Miracles, or the Four Seasons. Actually the Miracles had Claudette, maybe the Four Seasons could have found room for a Sarah. Me and Frankie could out-squeak each other.

  117. Giovanna says:

    Hello! I gotta ask something that has been bothering me for a while: why don’t you sell singles and EPs at the store? It’s hard to find some of them elsewhere… and I really need to complete my B&S discography. So, is that an agreement with the label or something?

    1. Sarah says:

      I think basically, if the singles and EPs are in print and available, we will stock them and sell them through the shop. So probably, I’m afraid, they’re just out of print.

    2. Chris says:

      Any that we’ve not got in the store you should be able to find on gemm or discogs.

  118. East Coast Main Line says:

    Wow! Those Write About Love contest entries are amazing! To be honest, I thought they’d be totally nauseating and try-hard. But they’re all really good.

    I think my favourite is the ‘advice for young lovers’ one. The cancer one is amazing but so sad I find it difficult to breathe. The wrist tattoo one is also nice, although I find tattoos kinda creepy.

  119. harrie says:

    You probably get this a lot, but I was at your show in Manchester last month, and really I just wanted to thank you. I’ve been a huge fan of your music for years and all day I was nervous about the gig – 5 years’ worth of expectations were put down to one night. I can safely say it was the most wonderful, magical experience I’ve had. Thank you so, so much, I knew you’d never let me down. My question is, who were your favourite bands growing up, and did you ever get the chance to go to their show?

    1. Stuart says:

      ac/dc yes
      thin lizzy no
      status quo yes
      late teens
      cocteau twins no
      smiths no
      orange juice no
      new order yes
      bunnymen yes
      stone roses yes
      fall yes
      pixies yes
      go betweens yes

  120. andrea says:

    Hey, i’ve seen you’re out next month with the new single “I want the word to stop” but i’m a bit disppointed as it’s b-sided by “Suicide Girl”, which i already have: once you used to make unreleased songs to b-side every single, aren’t you becoming too lazy nowadays???

    1. Stuart says:

      well, it’s academic isn’t it.. i don’t think this will be a physical release, so you won’t ‘have’ to buy either track. apparantly suicide girl hasn’t had a wide release as a download, and people had asked for it, so it was the obvious one.

  121. A young fan says:

    Dear B+S, like most other fans down here in the South East, I have long awaited the return of the band to London. When I found out you were playing at the roundhouse I was overjoyed; however, when i got to the ticket site this morning and saw ’18+’ my excitement turned to dissapointment. Why must you chastise your younger fans like this? I have been wanting to see you guys live for years but being only a youngster I can’t really travel long distances. Please please please do an all ages gig in London or the South East sometime soon. :'(

    1. Stuart says:

      damn, ok, didn’t know this, will try to put on an all ages show too..
      bear with me

  122. sid from sunderland says:

    thanks x 1,000,000 for bowlie, not just for your show but for all of the bands i’ve somehow ‘missed’ in my 50odd years on the planet, how the Vaselines have passed me by – i’ll never know, my question is which band were you closest to getting to play but could’nt quite swing it.
    Cheers and see you next time

    1. Sarah says:

      Ooh, you never know how close you came I suppose – or how far off agreeing to it people were. I asked for Martin L Gore to do a solo slot, and since we kind of share a producer in Tony Hoffer, I hoped it might be enough of an ‘in’, but sadly no dice. Tony had managed to get me on the guest list for Depeche Mode in Glasgow last winter, and I was trying to pluck up the courage to beg in person, but failed utterly. He was right across the room, but I just couldn’t do it.

  123. Blaise says:

    Stephen Malkmus is a fan of yours. Is anyone in the band a fan of Pavement? Did you guys see their set at Matador at 21?


    1. Sarah says:

      I think most of us saw them, yeah. I’d seen their *last* last gig at Brixton Academy, and several times before – ever since I saw them supporting Sonic Youth in ’92, but my favourite times were at the QM union here in Glasgow, on the Crooked Rain tour, and their warmup for the ’99 tour, at the Adelphi in Hull, where SM was pouring pints behind the bar afterwards. Vegas was good, but not *that* good.

  124. Brian says:

    Hello all,
    7″ and 12″ singles: discuss.
    I’m sorry to see the end of the Belle & Sebastian single. Yes, I got the bonus 7″ with the new LP, but why no “physical release” for Write about Love?
    Thanks for your time,

    1. Sarah says:

      there may be something soon. maybe.

  125. Mike says:

    Hi guys
    You’re coming to Perth (Aus) in March 2011 for two gigs. Sarah previously commented that you sometimes change things around from one night to the next, will that be the case for the Aus tour?

    1. Sarah says:

      inevitably, yes. i mean, the set is rarely identical from one night to the next, but if there are 2 gigs in one city, we do tend to switch quite a lot about.

  126. Holger says:

    Hello dear B&S,

    me and my dear friend are arguing about a specific part of the lyrics to “I want the world to stop”, which is, by the way, such a remarkable piece of music.# Thank you for this!

    After the last Corus the 2 final lines:

    Yellow pearl my city, yes, this is your art
    This is your Balzac, your Brookside and your Bach

    or, without “yes”

    Yellow pearl my city, this is your art
    This is your Balzac, your Brookside and your Bach

    If you could simply help us with this tiny little detail, higly appreciated!
    Don’t you worry, this is gonna be single question to the lyrics, responding will not result in a bombardment of clarification questions to all the lyrics in your many great songs, promise!

    Thanks, wishing you all the best in the future! Pity you’re not gonna make it to the Balkans during your European spring tour.

    Regards from Belgrade, Serbia

    Dubravka & Holger

    1. Stuart says:

      “yellow pearl my city ‘is’ “!
      that’s what i sing. a little like Yoda

  127. Joan says:

    Hey everyone,
    I saw you in Boston in October. It was not only my first Belle and Sebastian concert but my first concert ever! You were amazing, one of the best nights of my life! Sorry for all the exclamation points, but I don’t know how else to express myself!
    So my question is totally unrelated. Who is your favorite doctor from Doctor Who? I’ve only seen the current run, but I like David Tennant (he’s Scottish – do you know him? Just kidding).
    Love, Joan

    1. Sarah says:

      I think he’s the most handsome doctor, definitely. I don’t really watch Doctor Who? these days, but I liked Tom Baker best when I was a kid. And I also liked Christopher Eccleston.

      UPDATE, 21 feb.

      our erstwhile manager Neil has just emailed me to tell me to add that while we do not know David Tennant, his brother signed us to Sony Publishing many years ago.

  128. Shaun says:


    Theres is a very cute girl who works at my local book shop. I would love to ask her out, and im afraid im going to come aross as stalkery hanging around looking at the book spines all the time. How do you think I should start a converstion? One about books would be good wouldn’t it? Or is that too obvious? She’s so cool, and I dont want to look like a twit. What do i do B&S?

    1. Stuart says:

      you could write her a note, that always worked for me!

      i’m kidding, that never worked for me.

      talk to her. if she likes you, she’ll talk back. simple. then just kiss her, right there. if she really likes you she’ll kiss back. now that may sound outlandish, but it happened to a girl friend of mine recently, who was swept off her feet in a second hand clothes shop.

      i may add that there are all sorts of caveats attached to this course of action, but go for it. you’re mad enough to write to b&s about it..

  129. Mel says:

    I am so excited to see you at the Sydney Opera House, but why, oh why, aren’t Teenage Fanclub coming too?

    1. Sarah says:

      We’ll be bringing a little bit of Teenage Fanclub along for you – Mick’s taking some time off, so many of his duties are going to be performed by Dave McGowan, the TFC keyboard / guitar / bass guy.

  130. Momo says:

    Hello everyone.
    I am so excited to go see you in Tokyo next week, its been a while since I saw you last time in Glasgow. I have been depressed lately and I don’t enjoy my job most of the time, but your songs have been keeping me in a much better mood recently. So thank you very much.
    I was wondering if you could play “dress up in you” next week in Tokyo. I genuinely love and cherish this song, and would love to hear it on live if its in anyway possible. much love, Momo

    1. Stuart says:

      hi momo

      we haven’t played it in a while.. can we play you something else?

      can’t wait for tokyo!


  131. mel says:

    hello. will the book be available for purchase at the melbourne gig? cheers…

    1. Stuart says:

      will check, i think so!

  132. Matthew says:

    Good day! Or mid-evening, whichever it happens to be. I should very much like to know where you acquire your cello players when you play live and record. I mean, I’m a cellist. A rather good one, I suppose. I started at age 5 and I’m in university now, so… basically I’m offering my services. If you’re taking auditions anytime soon, eh?

    1. Stuart says:

      hey matthew, we have a cellist – a rather good one – already. sometimes we use different cellists if we’re recording however, so if we’re in wyoming and we’re looking for someone, we’ll give you a shout..

  133. Ian says:

    Did you name the album “Push Barman To Open Old Wounds” after the grafitti on the fire exit of the mens bogs in the Vic in the late 90s?

    I went to Glasgow School of Art from ’94 to ’99 and for some reason that particular bog tag really made an impact and has stayed with me ever since. It made me smile everytime I went in there! I know that album came out years ago, but I’ve only just now come across it now thanks to Spotify. I nearly fell off my chair when I spotted it and all these happy and crazy college memories came flooding back.


  134. Jay says:

    Is there some “Wichita Lineman” in “Photo Jenny”?

    1. Sarah says:

      well spotted

  135. Melanie McLoughlin says:

    Thanks for a fantastic night at the Sydney Opera House. Great concert. My homesick Scottish husband and I were determined that we went despite the fact our baby was due that day! Still waiting…. Any suggestions for names?!

    1. Sarah says:

      Glad you managed to come along. (a pal of mine was threatening to have her baby in row B, so I was relieved when she said he’d arrived a couple of weeks early!)
      Names? Peter, Jane… ?

  136. Sofia says:

    Best concert ever last night at the Forum! So great, in fact, that my friend and I bought tickets to Monday’s concert as well. We’ll get there really early to get right in front, we’re hoping to get up on the stage this time!

    I’m dying to hear Funny Little Frog or Dress Up In You or I’m Waking Up To Us’ live… any chance one of those can squeeze into the set list?

    Looking forward to another fantastic night!

    1. Stuart says:

      for you sofia, we will certainly play one of these..

  137. Reg Tydell says:

    Hello all – fantastic performance at Golden Plains last night – thank you! For fans new to the band, would it be possible for someone to post a copy of the playlist from that concert so I can buy the songs? Next would be to buy the albums, but I’d like to start affordably.

    Second question – is it likely that a live performance DVD will be available soon? The only DVD produced so far (“Fans Only”) isn’t available as a Region 4 disc.

    Cheers and thanks again,

    Reg Tydell

    1. Sarah says:

      Stars of track and field
      The blues are still blue
      Step in to my office
      I’m not living in the real world
      If you’re feeling sinister
      Sukie in the graveyard
      Judy and the dream of horses
      Dog on wheels
      I didn’t see it coming
      The boy with the Arab strap
      If you find yourself caught in love
      Victoria (by the Kinks)
      Sleep the clock around

  138. Marina Köpferl says:

    Hi guys,

    is there any chance that you’ll change the location for your Munich gig in April, as your tickets are already sold out and I really won’t be able to stand not seeing your show (again). Muffathalle is quite small and I am sure you could easily fill a bigger place. I would so love to see you playing.

    You’re music’s great. It has been making me happy for years and years now! Thank you so much for it! Marina

    1. Stuart says:

      will pass this message onto our agent! though they old muffet hall is a nice place!

  139. Su-Min says:

    Dearest B&S, I saw you at the Golden Plains the other day and it was wonderful! I was right up the front, and was a little bit worried about getting crushed by the masses as nearly happened to me during the Hold Steady the night before. However, it seems like the average Belle and Sebastian fan is rather less large, beefy and hairy than the average Hold Steady fan, so I was safe. Speaking about being crushed, I was a tiny bit disappointed that you didn’t play ‘Funny Little Frog’ as part of your set. The reason it would have been appropriate is that on the very morning of the day you played, we discovered the body of a crushed frog in the lid of our Esky! It must have crawled in there to look for moisture and then been squashed by someone sitting on the lid. And so I come to my question: next time you play that song, will you dedicate it to this unfortunate amphibian? Yours, Su-Min

    1. Stuart says:

      if i remember, but i’ve got off that song a bit
      i’m so glad that our fans score low on the beef and hair!
      it was a really fun night for us, btw..

  140. Momo says:

    We just experienced severe earthquake in Japan a few min ago, and I just thought thank god you guys toured here week earlier and didn’t have to experience this scary moment. Also while the building was still shaking, I am truly glad that I saw B&S on Friday before, it might had been the last time to see you on stage.

    1. Stuart says:

      hi momo

      things have gotten crazy over there since the earthquake. we’ve been thinking about you guys obviously. hope you’re holding everything together!

  141. Wiktoria says:

    Dear B&S,
    It has come to my attention that you’re coming to Poland in April. I’ll have you know that Poland is not an usual place – weirdness occurs here almost on every corner, and I don’t know where Jim Morrison has been, but people really _are_ strange here. I’ve lived in England too, so I know. Anyway, I’ve already spent some time pestering everyone I know in Warsaw about a way to get to you after the concert to give you all a hug (you know, carrying mineral water backstage and what not), but just in case I don’t succeed, I decided to write to you directly. Think about it. Just a quick hug, and I’m off – and I’m trained in krav maga, so I hug really well. And if you decide to explore the city of Warsaw, I’m fluent in both the language and the weirdness, and I could show you where the old movies were filmed.
    Thank you for reading and see you soon,


    1. Sarah says:

      I’m definitely keen to discover some of the weirdness.

      We spent a while watching krav maga on youtube when we were in LA last spring. A couple of the people we were working with had been for a lesson. So to meet a trained practitioner would be …. well, scary. But cool I suppose. We don’t have a day off in Warsaw, but I expect we’ll arrive from Prague on our night bus, and some of us might follow some recommendations of what we could do before around 3.30pm, when we usually need to soundcheck.

  142. Susan says:

    Firstly, thanks so much for coming back to Melbourne/Australia. And thanks for playing such a great range of songs (Judy and the Dream of Horses & The State I am In & The Stars of Track and Field. *Sigh*) Your music has been so important in my life, and others’, and I hope it’s nice to be told that.

    One thing that recently struck me is that work and jobs seem to be a semi-recurring theme in your music. So my question/s: Do you have day jobs now? If so, what are they? If not, what were they and when/why did you give them up?

    Thanks so much

    1. Sarah says:

      If we had day jobs, we would have to have extremely understanding employers to let us take most of the last 13 months off. No, we don’t at the moment, though it’s not something we can rely on not having to do in the foreseeable future. We all had pretty standard jobs, in shops and bars mostly. And we all pretty much kept our jobs until the holidays ran out and we couldn’t keep the job and carry on doing band stuff. It all seems a long time ago. It was a long time ago. Most of us still do odd things to help make ends meet when there’s time. DJing, sewing, playing with other bands…

      As for your comment about jobs being a recurring theme – you’re probably right! A job can seem quite an abstract concept to us sometimes. Sometimes you’d think to us, any proper job would be like an episode of Mad Men.

  143. Aimee says:

    I unfortunately missed your concert in Chicago when you came to the US last autumn, and I was wondering if I would ever get the chance to see and hear you absolutely live ever again?

    1. Sarah says:

      probably not on your side of the atlantic for a while. but we’ve still got european and british dates in the calendar for the next couple of months if you fancy a trip.

  144. Chris-Gustav says:

    Hello from Vancouver!

    I’ll get straight to it; Has anyone in the band ever had a serious rash whilst on tour? Like, a real rash….with bumps and that. Cheers!


    1. Stuart says:

      i rash up eating cheese. it’s hard to avoid in germany!

  145. Dave says:

    Say, while listening to Write About Love on vinyl, I’ve oft wondered why Suicide Girl was only a digital bonus. Any logical reasons for this? Personally I find it to be the best song of the lot.

    1. Stuart says:

      thank you dave. i thought it slightly inconsequential, thematically, so it got boosted. we will gather the odds and ends lovingly together one day though..

  146. Lieselot says:

    I’ve had a relationship for four years now, but my boyfriend went off with another. I just wanted to say that your music has kept me going and I really want to thank you all for the lovely genre you invented! Listening to your music seems to make the heartache bearable…
    I’ll see you on sunday, when you’ll be playing in the AB in Brussels, I’m very much looking forward to it!

    1. Stuart says:

      i too am looking forward to the AB. always..
      perhaps your luck will change that night!

  147. matheus says:

    I didn’t see it coming, really. I went to the show in Oslo and it was amazing. It was the first time I saw you playing on live. I’m living in Norway now as an exchange student but I’m actually from Brazil and I was so upset to see that you had a show there last year..I had been waiting for that for years and just when i’m in norway you go to brazil. I didn’t see that coming. But then I would eventually see that you were coming to Norway in april! I didn’t see that coming too. I traveled to Oslo and had a lot of fun, you were spetacular on the stage…from “the fox in the snow” ( i almost cried during this song, seriously ) to “the blues are still blue” ( i almost broke my feet! ). And then i was called to come and dance on the stage…i didn’t see it coming at all!
    You really made me feel well, this show meant a lot to me, thank you! And thank you for playing “I didn’t see it coming”, i think that’s my favorite song at the moment. It was awesome!! You were really fantastic!

    1. Stuart says:

      thank you matheus, particularly liked the way you worked the song title into your entry there, with comedic value.

  148. Denise says:

    me and a friend of mine couldn’t help noticing the girl playing double bass(-ish thingy), recorder and such at your show in Stockholm. we figured she was some talented swedish girl whom you had asked to play with you at that show but then we saw a picture of her an the band on google and that she had played at other shows as well. so our question is: who is she?

    (your show in Stockholm was great, by the way. every single part of it. come back soon. sweden loves you!)

    1. Sarah says:

      That would be Sarah Willson – also known as Sez, to avoid confusion. She helps us out at gigs, cello having been quite a major aspect of the band until Isobel left – in fact she’s played with us at most gigs for the last few years, though you may also have seen her with other bands such as the Tindersticks. She is actually a bit Swedish – you detected that correctly. We’ve got another couple of helpers on tour with us at the moment: Dave McGowan and Nigel Baillie handling the diverse aspects of Mick, who’s been taking a bit of time off touring to spend with his family. Maybe you spotted them, too?

  149. derek says:

    did you guys seriously play “this is just a modern rock song” in brussels?

    1. Sarah says:

      We certainly did.

  150. aude flornoy says:

    hi everybody

    i was supposed to see you in the Grand Rex in Paris yesterday evening but i’m pregnant and had to stay at the hospital, the baby threatening to born too early. i was so sad. Do you think you will come back in france (for example this summer at the route du rock in saint malo) ? I don’t think so but lose nothing to ask. love your band and music, aude

    1. Stuart says:

      not this summer, but i’m determined to make more of an effort in france next time round. outside theatres in the south, a trip to lyon or bordeux or lille perhaps?

  151. Rose says:

    I came on here to ask the very same question that Derek did!! How did playing ‘This Is Just A Modern Rock Song’ go? I know that you lot have said it doesn’t really work live- have you finally found a live version you’re happy with? Any change you could play it at your Leeds gig in June?

    Love from Rose x

    1. Stevie says:

      I thought it sounded rather good myself, got quite tripped out.

      1. Sarah says:

        could that be the flu medicine?

  152. Simon says:

    Is Mick feeling good that its taking 2 people to fill in for him?

    1. Sarah says:

      it must give him a certain sense of satisfaction.

  153. Leigh says:

    I just wanted to say how broad your audience is nowadays, we went to the Brussels gig 11/04, I’m 48 and took my son who is aged 15 and this was his 1st live concert, funny thing is I don’t think I was the oldest nor was he the youngest!

    1. Stuart says:

      love it. we had three 20 something girls dancing with a wee boy (9?) wearing a celtic top, on stage last night. in paris. i didn’t pick the boy, he just arrived like the little prince. think his dad threw him on.

  154. MM says:

    Hi to you all and thanks for the great concert in Paris!
    I wonder who the chello player and violinist players are? I can’t find their credits anywhere, and since I’m in to strings myself I’m interested… =P
    Keep writing and singing about love!

    1. Sarah says:

      They don’t play on any of the records, and the violin / viola players change from night to night. The cello player travels with us though – she’s called Sarah Willson and she is acting as our kind of musical director for the extra players, teaching them the parts every day for the gig that night.

  155. Helen says:

    Hi guys
    Yesterday i was at your oncert in Zurich,
    Wich was totally awesome( i had no expetations because it was my first
    Time to see you live and i was totally blewn away;))

    And i just wondere if this was the standard lengh of your gigs;)because it seemed to short but thT was probably the factthat time flies whenyou’re actually enjoying something=]

    Anyways , i loved the setlist and the support band!! They were really cool!!

    Love from zurich


    1. Sarah says:

      It WAS a wee bit shorter than usual – we usually play for maybe 15 minutes longer but the venue had to be emptied for the goth disco afterwards.

  156. Roisin says:

    Are you ever tempted to put a picture of yourselves on an album cover? If so, why so; If not, why not?
    Also, do you think you would make more money if you did more interviews?

    1. Sarah says:

      You know, we’ve all been on record sleeves – Dear Catastrophe Waitress features the whole band apart from Stuart (a Belgian lookalike was standing in for him while he took the picture) – and there have been band members on plenty other records: beans on the front of TBWTAS, me on I’m Waking Up To Us, Bob and Mick on Jonathan David, Stuart on 3,6,9 Seconds of Light.

      As for interviews, I am pretty sure we’d do more of them if we thought it would have any positive outcome for the band, but it doesn’t seem to make too much difference.

  157. Mart says:

    I saw you in 2006 at Princes Street Gardens in Edinburgh and you didn’t do Arab Strap OR Sleep The Clock Around!

    That was an awesome set, actually, Le Pastie, Summer Wasting, The Model, Sleepyheads, Jonathan David, If She Wants Me..and of course Lazy Line Painter Jane with Monica Queen! Though I do remember being surprised that you didn’t do White Collar Boy when it had been released as a single a couple of week earlier!

    You definitely don’t need to play Arab Strap or Sleep the clock (or Judy or I’m a cuckoo for that matter), though they must be fun to play. It would be awesome to see you do a big closer with Your Covers Blown or I Could Be Dreaming!!

    1. Sarah says:

      Well, I stand corrected.

      Hmmm… ‘I Could Be Dreaming’. Interesting! That’s been a while. I’d love to resurrect ‘Your Cover’s Blown’ as well.

  158. matthias says:

    hi belles

    that Richard X remix – will it become available legally soon. I don’t like the idea of getting it illegally from somewhere but as I love his remix of foxbase alpha for saint etienne i don’t think i can wait for too long… 🙂

    your berlin gig was fantastic by the way. I guess the best i’ve seen you perform so far. although now i have to say that i feel i missed out as you did rockschool in munich and i was so hoping for that.

    i had a wonderfull evening non the less and even liked real world – even though it is my least favourite of the record.

    stevie really rocks.

    kind regards

    1. Sarah says:

      It will be available legally at some point, i hope soon! it’s quite summery. I think you’d be doing well to find it out there in the ether at the moment, though, so you’ll just have to wait. I think it’ll be worth it though – he’s a clever lad, that Richard. There’s a visual treat in store to accompany it, too, whenever it finally emerges.

      I’m sorry it took us so long to get around to doing ‘Rockschool’ – i was gutted in particular that we never managed to do it while Mick was still touring. His stunt double on the trumpet, Nigel did a good job though.

  159. Luc says:

    anything special about playing in Warsaw, Poland?
    did you visit some city ?
    ps. gig was awsome. cheers

    1. Stuart says:

      hi luc, we didn’t have much time in warsaw, but it’s true, the gig was a lot of fun, and we liked everyone we met there, so we’ll deffo be back on the next round of touring


  160. emma says:

    When you played at golden plains did know about the shoe? My other half said Sarah looked confused, i was too busy waving my shoe in the air! It was a great gig and such a good weekend.

    1. Sarah says:

      The Shoe was explained to me afterwards by our erstwhile manager Neil. I was confused! but I looked to Neil and Gem for an explanation and they gave me the thumbs-up. pretty cool. Quite a moment. What a festival. Apart from the locusts.

  161. Manda says:

    Do you like dogs?

    1. Sarah says:

      yes. especially this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GcQai–9AHQ
      stevie reckons we should get him in the band.

  162. Agnes says:

    What’s this I hear about you being DJs in Sweden this weekend???

    1. Sarah says:

      oh, that’s Chris. he’s on his way now – in fact he’s probably landed, as i just got a message from him. Malmo and Gothenburg, I believe.

  163. a random fan says:

    hey, watch good pictures from warsaw concert 🙂

    1. Stuart says:

      really nice shots, thanks ‘random fan’!

  164. Emma says:

    I was wondering, at your gig in Stockholm earlier this spring, you did Expectations. However the lyrics were slightly different.

    But my memory fails me, and I can’t remember the words. I know it’s the second “monday morning…”-bit, and that the lyrics had something to do with the mother not having an easy time growing up, “so why should you..”.

    Would you be so kind and remind me how the bit actually goes, haha.
    And also, why were they changed during that gig? Is there any recordings to be finds with the alternate lyrics?
    I think it’s a brilliant song and I really enjoyed the unexpected change of lyrics.

    Take care and come back soon!

    1. Sarah says:

      “Monday morning, wake up knowing that you’ve got to go to school
      Mum says she had little choice when she was young, so why should you?”

      I think those might be the words that are printed on Tigermilk, but maybe Stuart sang them differently when it was recorded.

  165. Phoenix says:

    How do you decide were to do live shows i was just wondering

    1. Sarah says:

      A lot of it’s really pretty obvious – there are places we know we can get a decent-sized audience every time we come, and play in good rooms. We’re not a small band, so we take up a fair bit of space, and it’s expensive to move us around (though it’s not as if we travel business class or anything fancy like that), so there are issues of economic viability which probably rule out a lot of places from getting regular visits. That’s why US tours always end up including NY, Boston, LA, SF, Chicago etc… and not always taking us to places in Texas, Georgia, etc.

      Then there’s the means of transport. If we’re going to be on a bus, it probably allows us to play smaller cities on the way; if we’re flying, it’s likely to be major cities only. Putting a tour route together seems to be a bit of an art. Luck is a big factor, getting the places you want available on days when it’s feasible to get there.

      And then there are the total anomalies. Two which stick in my mind are Borgarfjordur (population: 150), a tiny fishing village on the east coast of Iceland, where about 1200 people showed up (It was my favourite trip ever. EVER. We played in a boatshed on upturned fish crates, covered with planks) and Jakarta, or even Brazil the first time. Sometimes we get an offer to go somewhere we’d never have imagined, and it’s just an adventure – those are the kind of trips where often your leap into the unknown is rewarded with the most generous hospitality. And sometimes one of us will have a connection with a place we’re desperate to play, and we’ll try and make it happen, with varying degrees of success.

  166. James Willerton says:

    Hi all, are you able to say who is supporting you at the Roundhouse later this month? There has been no announcement as far as I can see? Thanks.

    1. Sarah says:

      Aidan Moffat on the Sunday, Woodentops on the Monday, Veronica Falls on the Tuesday.

  167. robert larkin says:

    can’t wait for london, leicester and leeds. tickets all turned up today. i’ll have you know if i don’t get a medal this time round i’m going to be incredibly upset.

    also, if you get any say in this, could you encourage your promoters to use a different ticket seller than seetickets next time? they’re charging about £5-6 in booking fees per ticket, even on stuff that only costs a tenner. it’s absolutely obscene and just as egregious as spotify.

    1. Sarah says:

      You know, I think it’s a no-win situation. Our manager went to significant lengths to find a way of selling the tickets without hefty booking fees. As it was, the first batch for each night were available as e-tickets which you print out yourself, with a much lower booking fee (just enough to cover the provision of a barcode by the company which does that – without which, the venue would not have accepted the arrangement) – the venues have deals with ticket agencies etc. and it seems like if they weren’t getting a piece of that pie, they would charge the bands more to hire the venue, and ticket prices would go up accordingly. We really have done our best, and will continue to do so, but the ticket agencies have the venues in a stranglehold, or vice versa. We even tried to do things the old way – sell tickets to customers who turn up in person in record shops, which would maybe take a £1 handling fee, but the deals the venues have made that impossible. It is a bit like spotify, in fact, because you can be assured that most of the time we are not making much / any money from doing shows, but someone is pocketing £5-6 a time for the spurious ‘processing’ of printing out tickets and putting them in an envelope. We’re in the wrong business if we want to be rich, that much is clear!

      Sorry, anyway. You can always trust that we will have tried our hardest to avoid this kind of racket, but sometimes if we want to play a show, we have to just suck it up (and if you want to come and see us, unfortunately, you do too…). If you ever meet our manager John, don’t get him started on this subject. I honestly think if there was a way to avoid these fees, he would’ve found it. He devotes A LOT of thought to it!

  168. Erika says:

    Mac or PC?

    1. Sarah says:

      When we set sail, it is upon a sea of macbooks

  169. Gerry says:

    As you’ve responded positively to requests for songs on your overseas dates, how about playing ‘This is just a modern rock song’ at Leicester or Leeds? Maybe even both as you’ve gone to the trouble of dusting it down after all this time.

    1. Stuart says:

      will look into it. it might have been a once a decade thing..

  170. Massimo says:

    i cant wait to see you guys at primavera sound and was just wondering if you could play electronic renaissance? when i saw you at the barrowlands you didnt play any tigermilk songs 🙁

    its worth a shot,

    1. Stuart says:

      it’s not on the tariff just now, massimo, but we’ll dig out at least one tigermilk song for you..

  171. Tony Willman says:

    Myself & my Wife are luckily seeing you again on the 29th at the Roundhouse after the previous Colston Hall gig in Bristol. We are also expecting our first child on 19 June. The unborn baby (Arbuthnot) has therefore been exposed to your live music twice. Does this mean he/she will be a musical genius in the future?

    1. Stuart says:

      oh i don’t think it necessary follows.. are you really calling the child Arbuthnot?

  172. David says:

    Hey guys, you must get bombarded with song requests, yet here is another! I would love it so much if you were to play The Model at the Leicester gig. I’ve lost count of how many times i’ve seen you guys live, however have yet to hear my favourite song of yours. Hope you can fit it in somewhere 🙂

    1. Stuart says:

      we’ll stick it in, dave

  173. Dave K says:

    You guys were as great as ever last night at the Roundhouse. Wish I could have made it all three nights.

    Just wondering why Mick wasn’t with you on stage? You didn’t announce anything …

    Mick, if you’re ill … get well soon!

    1. Sarah says:

      Mick’s not been on tour since December – he wanted to stay home and spend time with his wee boy, so we’ve had Dave along with us for Japan, Australia, Europe and this little batch of shows.

  174. Gazza M says:

    Allo you lovely folks,

    Look, word on the street is that most of the people coming to this Leeds gig on friday already saw you at Manchester last December, a whole bus load of us went over to that amazing Apollo show. And if they didn’t go to that they definitely saw you at Bowlie! So, what would be amazing is if for fridays gig you maybe held back on your crowd pleasing Sleep the clocks and Arab straps, Get me away from heres and State I am ins… and maybe play something a bit more unusual?

    You’ll probably disagree with me, you lot are legendarily, (admirably) stubborn after all, but what I’m saying is.. it would be great if friday could be a real fans show. You lot must be bored of playing the same set for a year, and it would be amazing to hear some of those tracks off the latest LP which you’ve sadly overlooked of late (Ghost of rockschool, Come on sister), maybe some more Life Pursuit stuff (I read that you played Mornington Crescent this evening and almost cried- my favourite B&S song), and obviously some less frequently aired early tracks (I could be dreaming? Modern rock song?!) Would be amazing to hear Your Cover’s Blown, obviously, but I’m sure I remember reading that you don’t have that one rehearsed at the moment, so I won’t ask. I don’t want to be pushy or anything, y’know.

    Anyway, friday will be an amazing end of an amazing world tour whatever happens. But keep this in mind, and I’ll keep my fingers crossed!



    1. Stuart says:

      HI gazza
      thanks for the mail. in reality, it’s probable that the majority of the people in leeds haven’t seen us for ages, and perhaps have never seen us, since it was 1998 or so since we played there! when you say a ‘real fans show’ you’re meaning playing for the ones that have followed us a long time, but we must respect the fact that everyone pays the same for a ticket, and that many people will want to hear big hitters like Arab Strap and Cuckoo.
      But we’ll try to slip a few past the keeper. we always do! won’t be playing cover’s blown as we simply won’t have the time to properly rehearse it, especially as mick is not around..
      see you friday
      i’m never bored of playing songs, or i wouldn’t play them! you need a mix of stalwarts and suprises to make a show..

  175. Steven Patrick says:

    I hope you are all looking forward to a little time off from touring and spending time with your loved ones. It must take a lot out of you all.
    I am always a little curious with regards to the sleeping arrangments when you are on tour ? Do you room share or do you all have separate rooms (that’s a lot of rooms), if you share who shares with who and who snores the loudest ?

    I know I’m pushing it but I have a little question for Sarah. You’ve mentioned your dog, is it the Beagle on the cover of “I’m waking up to us” cover ? If not what type of dog do you have ?

    Loved the book Stuart, I actually thought of posting my coat to myself the other day.

    1. Sarah says:

      We all have separate rooms, when we’re in hotels. That is a lot of rooms. We used to share. At first it was quite random, but eventually it settled into me & Isobel, Stuart & Stevie, Bob shared with Mick when he first joined the band, which leaves Richard and Beans I suppose. By 2001 we were starting to mostly get our own rooms.

      My dog is a lakeland terrier. She’s a bit of a wild one.

  176. Peter says:

    Given that one goes to a lot of gigs able to accurately predict 95% of the songs you’re going to hear, your commitment to diverse and unpredictable setlists is bloody commendable…after the surprise of hearing ‘The Rollercoaster Ride’ last night I was wondering just how many songs you have rehearsed to a ‘could play it’ level on this tour?

    1. Sarah says:

      About 60 or 70, I think.

  177. Dan Nolan says:

    I saw you guys in London last weekend and you all played beautifully; the references to The Smiths and R.E.M. being a small bonus in addition to that although I guess I wish you’d pursued that impromptu cover version a little further..
    I wanted to ask if you ever cover The Smiths and if any of you are aware of Sarah Records and Another Sunny Day/The Field Mice particularly and if they have been any kind of an influence of your songs too?

    1. Stevie says:

      Yeah we’ve done ‘Reel around the Fountain’ and ‘the boy with the boy with the thorn in his side.’ As for Sarah Records, I’ve heard of them of course but I can’t say I’m all that familiar with their ouvre. Stuart mentioned a tune by Tahullah Gosh(?) to me one time but that’s about it. We get compared to them a lot but I don’t think they’ve been an influence at all

  178. C says:

    I just want to say thanks for playing Slow Graffiti in Leeds last night. That song has soundtracked so many long walks home along the old railway track behind the houses on my estate, it was amazing to hear it live.

    Err also, after Lord Anthony, my friend threw something onto the stage which unfortunately hit Bob.. Really sorry about that, it wasn’t meant to hit anyone- it was actually a little bottle of antibacterial eye drops, meant for Stuart, in response to his worries about getting an eye infection from the frequent application of mascara by female fans. Sorry about that.

    1. Stuart says:

      the irony is that my eyes are itchy right now.. i could do with those drops..

  179. Lucas says:

    so, what happens now?? after you’ve finished the tour, is there any more B&S stuff on the horizon or do you take some (well deserved) time off for a little while?? i can understand the need for rest, but selfishly, i’d love to hear that more touring/recording/anything is not too far away – bowlie last year and golden plains this year were two of the most glorious concerts i’ve seen in my life!

    so i hope you enjoy your summer, but also hope we get to see you again in the not too distant future…

    1. Stuart says:

      the funny thing is that i never need to rest ‘too much’ with B&S. i feel programmed to do it, and we have lots of help with the hard stuff. maybe i don’t work hard enough at it.. i always look forward to the first monday morning after touring or recording. the dust has settled, i sit down at the table in the kitchen, and send john the first of a thousand annoying questions by email, or else i send out a group email to the band with a daft idea, or a call to arms.

      the band and the crew, creep back to their own lives. i’ll see most of them around, but some i won’t see until we tour again. it’s been a very quick year, that year of touring. very satisfactory, a lot of fun;

      what we set out to do was to visit some big cities, play some big shows, but off the back of that, visit some places that we’ve never been to before. so we saw some new countries, South Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, Poland, Austria, Columbia, Argentina, Chile, Finland. So that was good! and it feels like when we tour again there will be lots of places that we can turn up and play, that we haven’t been to for a while. Like a lot of America and Canada and France and whatnot..

      I want to do something different on the next run of shows. i don’t know what that will be yet, but i want to make it interesting for people…
      In the meantime, i think we will get together quite soon to play some new songs to each other, and i’m going to carry on with prepping my film, and everyone will catch up on family stuff and general planned maintenance!

  180. Panda says:

    Have you ever really met Mike Piazza?

    1. Stuart says:

      we got close, 10 yards or so

  181. Harrie says:

    After getting talking after your Leeds gig, a friend and I have started thinking about starting an (unofficial, of course) B&S forum as a way of meeting other fans to discuss your brilliance and any other random topics of conversation. However we don’t want to do it if you disapprove of the idea/know of an existing B&S forum that we aren’t aware of! It’s just an idea at the moment and neither of us have a clue when it comes to making websites, but we’d just like to know your thoughts on the matter 🙂 Thanks x

    1. Stuart says:

      hi harriet

      go ahead by all means! the great institutions of ‘Sinister’ and ‘Bowlie” have faded away. perhaps it’s time for something new!


  182. Samantha McInnes says:

    Hey Guys

    I am a Glasgow girl who suffers for myalgic encephalomyelitis. I recently started up an honest but light hearted about living with this misunderstood illness, http://samandme.org/ to help raise awareness of it and I would love if you could check it out.

    Blog number 3 is titled after a Belle and Sebastian song as I love you guys. Seen you at the Barrowlands before Xmas and especially love the collection for the local homeless shelter half way through.

    Sam @ Sam and M.E Blog

    1. Stuart says:

      hey sam
      i’m sure i wrote you an email a while back.. check your inbox!

  183. Adam says:

    Seems like you’re doing a few remixes from this album. Are these going to be released anywhere?

    1. Sarah says:

      Yes, SOON!

  184. Bob says:

    Just heard ‘If You Find Yourself Caught In Love’ playing in a scene from CbbC drama ‘Leonardo’. My kids were not impressed with my singalong. Do you get consulted on this sort of thing or does it just happen? They cut out the ‘sorry arse’ line incidentally.

    1. Stuart says:

      just happens. bbc have a blanket license, so they do what they want, which is cool with me. i like the bbc. it’s the last of empire.

  185. Jack says:

    The new video is great, I like this version of the song better than the one on the album, too!

    The sawing up of dead pigs was slightly nauseating mind, loved the rather bleak ice cream selling shot, though- a Comfort and Joy reference, perhaps? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FHMFooKZsFs

    1. Stuart says:

      deffo a bit of comfort and joy in there. think it was probably the same neighbourhood too..

  186. Panda says:

    Who decides where and when you’re going on tour?

    1. Sarah says:

      We do, of course. With helpful suggestions from our manager and agent…

  187. Panda says:

    Do you fly first class when on tour?

    1. Sarah says:

      No! We travel economy, and even then often struggle to make ends meet.

  188. Panda says:

    Do any of you speak another language?

    1. Sarah says:

      Chris tries his hand at a bit of Spanish from time to time, and I can still remember some French from way back when. I think that’s it though.

  189. Justin says:

    I’ll never forget the magical night in 2006 when I saw you perform at the Hollywood Bowl. I sat up near the front, the only time to date I’ve paid for good seats at any show anywhere, usually being content to sit anywhere. I recently stumbled upon a decent quality bootleg recording of the show and got warm fuzzies listening through it. Any chance you’ll release it as a live album someday? To put the soundboard recording through my vintage tube amp at home and closing my eyes for a listen would be absolute heaven.

    1. Sarah says:

      Probably best to just enjoy the bootleg and the memories, to be honest.

  190. Steve says:

    Hi, which member of the band is least indie?

    1. Stevie says:

      Bobby probably. I used to be rather anti indie till I woke up to the fact that I was an awkward suit wearing guy with glasses with a tendency to strum with a lot of reverb through a Fender amp in a band called Belle and Sebastian. I now embrace Indie with the same tear in my eye that the prodigal son had when he beheld the fatted calf.

  191. Jess says:

    I was wondering if you would ever consider making a belle and sebastian piano book. Tried to play some of your songs by ear but failed miserably, cant find belle and sebastian sheets anywhere, which is a real shame.

    1. Chris says:

      We did one for “Fold Your Hands Child…”. It’s probably not in print anymore, but you might find one secondhand on Amazon. At one point we were working on a complete book, but it was going to be prohibitively costly to produce.
      Have you tried searching online for the title of the song you’re after plus the word “chords” or “tab”? You won’t get the actual sheet music but there’s pretty decent chord sheets on the web for most of the songs. To be honest I do that myself these days if there’s a song we’ve not played for years appears on the setlist. Failing that if there’s a specific song you’re stuck with ask on here, it’ll usually get answered eventually.

  192. Jason says:

    There is a song on the Books e.p. listed as “Wrapped up in Books [Multimedia Track]” but it is decidedly not “Wrapped up..”. Your discography doesn’t appear to acknowledge this song, but I was wondering what you call this song. The lyrics have the following bits:

    When the world lights up on the final day…
    Put a blanket up on the window pane, when the baby cries, lullaby again…
    There is too much noise, there is too much heat..
    There is peace outside in the narrow light.


    1. Sarah says:

      oh, that’s ‘Final Day’, a cover of a song by Young Marble Giants

  193. Caio says:

    Where did you guys take the kids in the beginning of If You’re Feeling Sinister from? Morrissey did something similar recently, borrowing from Truffaut’s “Les 400 Coups”.

    1. Sarah says:

      Stuart set out with his recently-acquired pro-Walkman and stood at the gates of a school – probably the one which has since become the gaelic school on Berkeley Street, I think.

  194. Panda says:

    What are you doing when you are not touring?

    1. Sarah says:

      tomorrow, we’re going into the studio for a couple of days to record a song or two. we’ve been writing and rehearsing some new stuff. making plans. oh, and some of us have been running. honestly. Chris and Mick are doing the half marathon, and believe it or not, i am signed up to attempt the 10k. we shall see how that goes.

  195. Katy says:

    Did We are the Sleepyheads ever appear on a commercial? I feel like I remember hearing it on television…

    1. Stevie says:

      We’ve never ok’d an advert to my knowledge. One time i did hear the song intro used on a Radio4 extra play which was nice to hear

  196. owl says:

    Who is the pianist with tender fingers on Marx and Engels track? I love it very much.

    1. Sarah says:

      That’s Stuart, as I recall, with Chris playing the Rhodes or something similar.

  197. Bert82 says:

    Whenver I hear “Dirty Dream Number 2” I have to get up and dance, no questions. Any songs have the same/similar effect on you guys?

  198. Panda says:

    Which country is your favourite visiting?

    1. Sarah says:

      I think Iceland – I wasn’t overwhelmed by Reykjavik as much as everything else I saw. I would LOVE to go back, whether to play a show or not – but I would certainly be pretty disappointed if we played a show and I couldn’t get out and about for a few days.

  199. Steve says:

    Testing,testing 1 2 3 is there anybody there?

    1. Sarah says:

      Hello! Yes. How can we help?

  200. Pablo says:

    What are you guys reading these days? Do you have any good book to suggest?

    1. Chris says:

      I was on holiday the other week and read Debt: The First 5000 Years by David Graeber. It’s really interesting. I also recently read Paul Theroux’s Ghost Train to the Eastern Star, about journey through Asia by train, which I enjoyed a lot more than his earlier book The Great Railway Bazaar which he wrote when he made the same trip back in the 70s.
      The Thousand Autumns of Jacob De Zoet by David Mitchell is the novel I’ve enjoyed most recently. I also really liked his Cloud Atlas when I read it a few years ago. Pigeon English by Stephen Kelman blew me away too.
      Among the older stuff I read recently was Richard Yate’s Revolutionary Road and John Le Carré’s The Spy Who Came In From the Cold which Dave and I were both reading while on tour in Europe in the Spring. The Constant Gardener was good too.

  201. Molly says:

    I’m sitting in my bedroom after being too scared to go into my exam earlier. What do you lot listen to when you feel a bit rubbish?

    1. Sarah says:

      ‘A Change Is Gonna Come’ – but I have to be in the privacy of my living room cos it’ll make me weep.

  202. Isabella says:

    Is there anywhere I can find sheet music to your music? I’d really like to play “Nightwalk” in my high school piano recital.

    1. Sarah says:

      There’s no sheet music for that I’m afraid – but I’m sure you can work out your own interpretation.

  203. jellybean says:

    If you would all go on a vacation as a band, where would you go?

    1. Sarah says:

      You jest, surely? We can’t even agree where to go for lunch!

  204. Logan says:

    I’ve started to get into films recently, and I’ve become a pretty big Woody Allen fan. His films are both hilarious and moving. I was wondering if any of you are Woody fans, and if so, what films are your favourite?

    1. Sarah says:

      Of course, he’s made some really incredible films. If I had to pick one as a favourite, it would be Crimes and Misdemeanours. Even more than Annie Hall (but only just!). If you haven’t seen Wild Man Blues, that’s worth a look, even though it’s a documentary about him rather than a film by him. And I really enjoyed Midnight In Paris!

  205. Hannah says:

    Did any of you go to Uni? What did you study? Also, I sent a question before and NOBODY ANSWERED IT 🙁

    1. Sarah says:

      Some questions are unanswerable – as those of us who studied philosophy found. (that’s Chris and me. Stuart and Mick went to university too, but I think they had more sense than to dabble with the dark art of philosophy.)

  206. Dom says:

    Have you got any plans for a new B&S album anytime soon?


    1. Stevie says:

      Not quite at the minute. Stu is making his movie and the rest of us are keeping busy. We’re always involved with each other on various things, it’s great, keeps us sharp, I look foreword to the next B&S record very much.

  207. Josh says:

    Can anyone tell the story that propelled the writing of the song “Seymour Stein?”
    It feels safe to assume it’s about him trying to sign you to Sire or wherever after “If You’re Feeling Sinister,” and you guys not being interested, but it seems like there’s a more specific story to tell there. And I’m curious, though I know it was a long time ago.
    Thanks! And I can’t wait for the new record!

    1. Stevie says:

      Nahh it’s a song about a departed love…Seymour is just the back drop or a juxtaposition. There are times in your life where your dreams come true but it means nothing as it seems you’ve lost everything. You haven’t though. One door closes and another opens. These periods can be sad though, terribly sad.

  208. Giovanna says:


    I’m losing it with a lot of work and study this year, and… Last week I broke up with my boyfriend. I really like him and he likes me back, but it just… wasn’t working well for the both of us. So it’s been a very weeping week for me. And you may not know, but your music is making the whole recovery process easier for me. I feel really anxious and tearful, but then I hear your albums and they make it gets bearable and I tend not to cry a lot or freak out. YOU guys make it gets bearable, and for that I’d like to thank you all so much.

    Actually, since I found you on 2007, you’ve been my safe-harbor and been helping me out – even though you have no idea of it. A pic I took of a B&S concert I went on 2010 remains as my cellphone wallpaper (and I have no intention of removing it so far). That night was magical, one of the best I ever had (the only bad thing is that I didn’t get the chance to talk to you…). So when I’m sad and I listen to your songs, sometimes I remember that night at Sao Paulo and I suddenly realise I’m smiling. Even if I was crying just a feel seconds before.

    I’m afraid it could sound cheesy and for that I’m sorry, but I just thought it would be nice for you to know how helpful you are. So, again… Thank you for everything, you guys are the best! 🙂

    PS: A new Late Night Tales? So cool!

    1. Stevie says:

      Thanks Giovanna x

  209. AndrewfromRecanati says:

    Some press’s rumouring there will be a 7” for “Crash”, can you confirm it?

    1. Sarah says:

      The rumours are true – at least we were handed a couple each when we were in the office the other day. Maybe they’ll be available from our shop.

  210. Dave&Jen says:

    Hello, hello… we were watching Fans Only the other night and we want to know something: where was the video for Is It Wicked Not To Care filmed? My google skills are failing to find the inevitable factoid online.
    Ta muchly!

    1. Sarah says:

      It was along the banks of the River Ayr

  211. Bill says:

    How does one go about purchasing a legal MP3 of ‘I Didn’t See It Coming (Richard X Remix)’?
    I guess I didn’t see it coming when I got rid of my record player all those years ago…

    1. Sarah says:

      At the moment it’s only available in the 2 physical formats of the 12″ and the Playbutton (mp3 player / badge hybrid). But maybe it will find a place on the sequel to “push barman…” – Stuart has been thinking about the sequence for that over the weekend.

      It’s definitely on YouTube though, with its accompanying fabulous video.

  212. Shawn says:

    Will you be doing a longer tour of the US anytime? The dates that have been announced are limited and every time I’ve seen you the place has been filled. I know that the sexier places are in the northeast and west…but we love you in Raleigh / Durham, NC too!

    1. Sarah says:

      We’re hoping we’ll do a more comprehensive trip to the US next year when we’ve recorded a new LP – we’re not even making it to California this time! But for this year, it *is* pretty limited.

  213. Ricky says:

    I am a medical student flying in from Guadalajara Mexico to see you guys play in Austin this Summer. ( Extremely excited)
    This is my first B&S show.
    Is there any chance you might be playing the Epic journey of a song that is “Your Cover’s blown”

    Hope to see you soon.

    Los quiero mucho

    1. Stuart says:

      hey ricky, i’m excited to see you in austin. i was thinking about that song yesterday.. it is very LONG! mmm, if we learn it we’ll do it in austin

  214. Dom says:

    There’s a really crackin’ rarity called Pocketbook Angel – why was it never released?

    1. Stuart says:

      that was before the band was formed. i gave a tape of that song to our record label as a possible future recording, and they bootlegged it! strange behaviour.

  215. Terence says:

    Im having ‘Colour my life with the chaos of trouble’ tattooed on my arm,I dont want to look a dick and have an incorrect spelling,so is it colour or color?

    1. Stuart says:

      terry, you’ve probably don’t it already.. i’d say either is ok. we say colour in the UK tho. send us a pic!

  216. Maggie says:

    I received tickets to your Montreal show for Christmas, and they were my favourite present, it will be my first live show and I can’t wait!

    My birthday is in July and I’m thinking of also going to the Toronto concert for my birthday. My question is, should I expect the shows to be really different, or do such close shows tend to have similar setlists?

    I know it’s months away, but I’d love it if you could play Seeing Other People, Another Sunny Day, or Come On Sister at one of the shows as those are my favourite songs!

    Thanks a lot,

    1. Stuart says:

      hey maggie.
      usually we can vary our shows a lot, but as the tour is just starting, toronto and montreal may be ‘similar’!
      i was thinking about seeing other people yesterday. we may have a go at it, just for you, but i think we will certainly play ‘another sunny day’. x

  217. jing says:

    So my 8 year old sister is having a rather hard time lately, she’s now reached that age where she knows she has to grow up and that mum and dad won’t be around forever, and she’s been really sad lately about all that. Growing pains. Do any of you guys have any good and simple advice for 8 year olds going through existential crises? I feel your music and words have always helped me, so please, if you have anything for her, let me know!

    1. Stuart says:

      give her a hug and tell her to enjoy herself. that’s what i do with the band.

      ps do 8 year olds really have existential crisiseseses?

  218. Ricardo says:

    Hi guys. I am a long time fan and finally made it to Glasgow, for working reasons I am in town as I am involved with a Berlin based dance company performing at Tramway this Friday and Saturday. The show is called Open For Everything and bring up on stage professional dancers from the company and roma amateurs from Hungary and Czech Republic, with great live music by five gypsie musicians. Being in Glasgow you guys are the first thing coming to my mind, so be all welcome, I would be happy to reserve you some invitations if you have nothing better to do in the weekend. xx

    1. Stuart says:

      hi ricardo, reserve me an invitation. i have sod all to do today.

      wait, i checked, i missed it, it was 2 weeks ago! the same day i was shooting our album cover! with very similar concepts!
      you could have saved me a lot of money by all being on the cover..

  219. Coop says:

    Have you ever played live “Heaven in the Afternoon”?

    1. Sarah says:

      We haven’t, not since the day we recorded it!

  220. David says:

    Hi guys,
    Wonderful show last night at Merriweather Post Pavilion and thanks for having us onstage! I really enjoyed the song you played just before entering – it sounded like an old waltz but I couldn’t make out the words. What was that song called?

    1. Sarah says:

      It’s “the song of the Clyde”!

  221. Hannes says:


    I’ve been trying before to ask this question and never got an answer. Nevertheless this is very important to me.
    So, I’d be very happy to know who designed your tour poster of the 2006 European Tour. The one with the Victorian style bridge and the tour dates on the stairs. It’s beautiful and full of details, one of which became of great significance for me and it’d be great I I could get a chance to contact the person who drew the picture.

    Thank so much.
    Hannes (from Berlin)

    1. Sarah says:

      That poster was designed by Manny Silva, who I think is a San Francisco / Oakland area artist. He has done other posters, tshirts, etc for us as well, including the Fox.

  222. Aaron says:

    Hello all! I was lucky enough to see you all in Cincinnati earlier this year and wanted to know who all is in your touring band that joined you this year and anything they may be involved in.



    1. Sarah says:

      On that tour we had:
      Dave McGowan playing bass, guitar & keys etc – he’s also from Glasgow and he’s in Teenage Fanclub, Snowgoose, and has often played with Isobel Campbell, our former singing cellist;
      Sarah Willson on cello etc – she lives in London and plays with tons of folk, often with the Tindersticks;
      Max Moston led the string sections he arranged for each city – he’s in Antony and the Johnsons and plays with many other bands too;
      and on trumpet and French horn we had CJ Camerieri – he’s in Bon Iver, has a chamber group called YMusic, and also works with lots of other people – Sufjan Stevens, Rufus Wainwright, Yoko Ono, Sean Lennon and lots more. Max and CJ live in New York.

  223. andrea says:

    When and who was “The ghost of rockschool” composed by? Why it is having no role in your live concerts?

    1. Sarah says:

      It’s one of Stuart’s songs. I think he’d had bits of it for quite a while but wrote some new parts to finish it when we were writing the songs for “write about love”. I have NO IDEA why we don’t play it live more often. It’s one of the very best, I think. We did it a couple of times in 2011. One day, I hope we’ll bring it back.

  224. Steve says:

    I have one of the B&S beach balls you kicked out to the audience in Salt Lake. Did the band inflate them? Specifically, is actual CO2 from the band inside it? (I’ll never deflate it, if so).

    1. Sarah says:

      Of course the band inflated them!

  225. Hannah says:

    Is Stuart related to Ripert Murdoch??

    1. Stuart says:

      Ripert the Bear?

  226. Evelyn says:

    I am five years old and my favorite song is Your Cover’s Blown. I am wondering: what does the line ‘Leave the boy home’ mean?

    1. Stuart says:

      i don’t believe you’re 5!
      it means that she should leave her boyfriend at home and step out with me.

  227. Rob Leane says:

    Hi gang!

    I remember watching a wonderful Christmas concert you did a few years ago. I watched it on the interwebs, but it was a Glasgow show if I recall correctly!

    I was just wondering, is there any way to watch this concert again? Was the video feed saved and stored anywhere?? A quick Google search has proved rather fruitless…

    In lieu of that, what are your favourite Christmas songs?

    Wishing you all a wonderful festive season, and a hearty ‘get well soon!’ to Stuart.

    Also, big thanks for taking the time to respond to questions!

    Rob xxx

    P.S. I’ve compiled all the B&S Christmas clippings I could find in a YouTube playlist, if any of your fellow website-watchers would like to listen… It should be the first thing that comes up when you search for ‘B&X-Mas’ on YouTube.

    1. Fiona says:

      Here’s one track from the Glasgow Barrowland show. Filmed at Christmas time but not a xmas show as such. Hope it’s the right one – the full concert is up there somewhere! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NfX9reiCEzg

  228. sean curran says:

    Must admit I,ve never contacted a band directly, even the stranglers and I,ve been a fan of theres for 30odd years anyway got into you guys when I was living in spean bridge in the mid 90s, girl I knew was at college in Glasgow and she had a copy of tigermilk hooked immediately didn,t hear anymore of you until looking in john menzies fort William for any new music and in the background they were playing arab strap album, ordered it had to wait a week for it to turn up nightmare wait that was anyway since bought all your stuff vinyl cd etc like to think my moneys been well spent had the pleasure of seeing you live at pilton festival, colston hall Bristol. right, enough of the background, two questions, on fans only dvd stuart you said about making the perfect record cockney rebel etc do you think you have done it yet, second question would you consider playing at the annual Glastonbury extravaganza would be a great setting for you guys anyway that’s it thanks for the music keep going ps sorry isobelle left she was so sweet

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