I saw you around when you were young and free
How did I know? Try, but I can’t remember
How it began (back in the day)
Was there a plan? (follow my way)
I’m living in the past, you’re making history

The road into town, that’s when it came to me
I’m not alone
I felt the world stop turning
Stop in your tracks (where could I go?)
Cover my back (let yourself show)
I took the long way home, my feet are blistery

Listen up and make a deal
And I’ll tell you what I see
And when the second hand hits the morning
You will hear me calling
Come to me
Come to me

Don’t leave me behind, stuck in a memory
Caught on a line
Something that once you told me
Fortune and fate (look in the glass)
Please don’t be late (let the day pass)
Watch and a world will form in the sand

Forward’s the only way to go
You catch me up, I’ll take it slow
I can see your future
There’s nobody around