Belle and Sebastian: Illustrated Lyrics

Coming soon – Belle and Sebastian: Illustrated Lyrics, a new collaboration between Stuart and illustrator Pamela Tait.  This is a visual celebration of Stuart’s lyrics – spanning ten studio albums, as well as those from songs yet to be released. With [...]
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The Boaty Weekender – Survey

Ahoy, hey, hello! Hopefully you’ve all been able to stay healthy and sane during the past 12 months – what a year!   One thing that has helped us get through this trying time is looking back at all of the fun we had aboard The Boaty Weekender a couple of [...]
B&S_The Fox in the Snow

The Fox In The Snow (live)

Happily coinciding with our first Glasgow snowy weather forecast, the next track from our live album ‘What To Look for In Summer’ is released today! * LISTEN NOW * to The Fox in the Snow: Watch the video [...]
Belle and Sebastian (live)

Dance & Lip Synch in a Belle and Sebastian video

Can you lip synch or dance or both at the same time? Do you want to appear in the video for ‘Belle and Sebastian (Live)’, a track from What To Look For In Summer? Here’s how: 1. Find a pal who can film you OR you’ll need to balance your camera or phone [...]
Protecting The Hive

Protecting The Hive – Part 2

Cover photo by Marisa Privitera Murdoch A few weeks back we asked fans on Twitter to send in their thoughts and feelings about lockdown and a project was born. Today we invite you all to collaborate with us on Part 2 – a song – “Protecting The Hive”. [...]
Protecting The Hive

Protecting The Hive

We present today the first instalment of a new two-part project ‘Protecting The Hive’.   Feeling a need to connect after lockdown, Stuart appealed to his followers on Twitter to write and share their thoughts and feelings while in self isolation, These [...]