Jan 19th, 2011

Ok, I’m treating my self to a little Drambuie, over lots of ice at the end of a very nice day. This is good. I’m starting to enjoy myself. I know that that’s not the point, and we should take what we get and be thankful, but I’m still thankful for this [...]

Jan 13th, 2011

Hi Stuart. You recently created a list of your favourite films, but I see it has disappeared along with the rest of the blog content. Any chance you—and the rest of the band—could give us some film recommendations? Here are a few I’ve enjoyed recently: [...]

Jan 5th, 2011

Dear Diary reader Happy New Year to you, and all that. It is indeed a happy day, the day when everything gets back to normal. (Scotland takes two public holidays at New Year, so if the 1st of Jan falls on a Saturday, then it’s the 5thbefore normality is [...]

Excerpt from ‘The Celestial Cafe’

Hi folks as advertised elsewhere on this site, i have collected and edited my online diaries from 2002-2006, and called the resulting book ‘The Celestial Cafe’. i feel like it’s a book i got by cheating – it was never supposed to be one! the diaries are [...]