Release Information

UK release date: February 6th, 2006
Highest UK Chart Position: 8
Highest US Chart Position: 65
Catalogue numbers: CD – RTRADCD280 LP – RTRADLP280 CD with bonus DVD – RTRADCDX280


Produced and Mixed by Tony Hoffer

Engineered by Todd Burke and Tony Hoffer.  Assistant Engineers: Jason Mott (Sound Factory) and Chris Reynolds (Sunset Sound).  Recorded at The Sound Factory, Los Angeles.  Mixed at Sunset Sound, Los Angeles.  Mastered by Frank Arkwright at Metropolis, London.

The Boys Are Still Blue and For The Price Of A Cup Of Tea mixed by Tony Doogan at The Castle of Doom, Glasgow.

Additional Musicians:
James Swinburne – Sax on Funny Little Frog
Alistair Collins – Bassoon on Dress Up In You
Tom Smith – Trombone on Sukie & Dress Up In You
Jennifer Stephenson – Clarinet on Dress Up In You
Chris Reynolds – Percussion on For The Price Of A Cup Of Tea

On The Cover: Alex Klobouk, Natasha Noramly, Marisa Privitera.  Additional Posing: Dave Anderson, Patrick Doyle, Katrina House.  Pictures by Stuart.  Band photos by Marisa Privitera.  Tony Hoffer photographed by Alex Prager.  Assisted by: Patrick Doyle and Marisa Privitera.  Sleeve Design and Layout by Keith Dodds at D8 and Belle And Sebastian.  Costumes by Geoffrey (Tailor), Kiltmakers, Glasgow.

Thanks to:
Neil Robertson, Katrina House, Mark Trayner, Iain Waddell, Geoff Travis, Jeannette Lee, Clare Britt, Pru Harris, Colin Wallace, Joe Smith, Jeff Teader and all at Rough Trade, Phil MacConnell, Wren Rider, Sean Moriarty and all at Sunset Sound/The Sound Factory, Gerard Cosloy, Chris Lombardi, Nils Bernstein, Miwa Okumura, Patrick Amory and the Matador crew, Ichi Yamanaka, John Best, Ruth Clarke, Dylan White, Brad Hunner, Yvonne Kincaid, Sean Hamilton, Fiona Morrison, James Young, Adam Saunders, Allen Johnston, Rebecca Ashton, Jack Tailor and all at Geoffrey (Tailor), The Saratoga Trunk, Ann and Darren Rademaker, The Scottish Railway Preservation Society, The Bo’ness And Kinneil Railway.


From: Kelly
Q. Well, you guys have really done it this time.  DCW was a fabulous album.  I can’t listen to it now, however.  It appears my partner of 9 years saw fit to have an affair last year and as we listened to that album over and over, it really tells her story- -not mine.  I’m disappointed, I mean, I really love that album.  Does the heartache ever go away?
A. The heartache goes away to be replaced by a romantic malaise.  Our subsequent long player will explain to you what to try next.

From: Juan Pablo
Q: hi, I am from Mexico, the fist thing I want is congratulate you: congratulations.  The second is this I am 16 years old, I really don’t like buissnes work and adults but I would like to work or do something for the summer, I would like to go to the forest with my frinds and buy a beautiful painting in the internet.  But I like baking cakes but I am not sure to sell them, and I like to make t-shirts of my favorite bands and stuff but I don’t like to make money from the music I really enjoy.  So what could I do?  I could just Relax in my house all summer but I really love the forest.  Thanks, Bella y la Bestia bye (I don’t chew English).
A. This is one of the greats really. 16, you’re beautiful, and you’re slightly lost in translation.  But we’ll forgive you.
It is of vital importance at this age to learn how to have fun and to learn what it takes to truly enjoy yourself.  Do this before settling down to any adult responsibilities.  Go to the forest, certainly.  But also make band tshirts.  If you can make any dough off it, and feel guilty, then send a shirt to the bands involved.  Out of egotistical fervour, they will readily forgive you.

From: Jenny
Q. damn… string players do seem quite “sexually sophisticated don’t they… why is that?
A. They know how to fiddle from an early age.

From: Your close freind, though not relative
Q. I was wondering just how the chemestry between the members of the band has worked troughout the years, and whether you have managed to stay in line with eachother artistically.  A band, after all, is a group of individuals and as the members get older there should, i geuss be some split of ideas involved.  This, i reckon, is bound to threaten the balance.  Would you comment on this. Also, how mush is your band under the dictatorship of Murdoch, and do you think that a band (given that they’re not The Beatles) works best under the dictatarship of one person bearing a great vision?
A. Well, you see, this band is like a cake recipe.  Sometimes it works brilliantly, but other times, the butter’s just not soft enough.  And other times, you just want to mess up the recipe to see what happens.  And you’re right, different people have a different idea of what the perfect cake is.  Luckily though, at the moment, we’re working from the same cookery book.  Does that make sense?

From: Timothy
Q. Im off to a wedding soon and need to choose between a brown cordoroy suit, blue pin striped suit, and an off white suit… seeing that you cats are all pretty happening when it comes to music and style I figured you could give me some advise.  cheers.  ps. Sarah, you rock my world.
A. Brown would be my advice – more forgiving that white when you dribble gravy down it, and brown goes with anything.  And corduroy undermines the formal, uniform-ness of the notion of a suit.  I have a serious aversion to double-breasted suits, for some reason, so if any of the options falls into that category, they should probably be eliminated from your list of options.

From Marybeth
Q. Richard, You’re cranky, drunk, sarcastic, possibly constipated, and just a touch mean-spirited… in other words, will you be my sex-slave?  I’m a rich American and will keep you floating in French Martinis, if that helps.
A. I’d love to.

From: Kate
Q. Stevie, I find you very attractive.  How about after Across The Narrows, you come home with me to Washington, DC where we can drink strawberry lemonade and talk about the music of the 60’s.  We’ll see where things go from there… what do you say?
A. Wow, sounds great, Unfortunately I’ll have to be flying down the road to the next gig babe, like an Eagle in flight and this bird you cannot tame.