London Photo Shoot, January 2017

Hi Everyone, Thank you for the fantastic response to our request for models. Over 1100 applicants! The window for applications is now closed. Let me explain what we’re going to do now. I’m going to look through all the pictures. I’m going to make a ‘long [...]

Models Required: Apply Within

Hello everyone, we’ve received so many great photos that the time has come to apply a closing date and time for further submissions.  Any photos received after midnight on Sunday 4th December will not be considered.  Thanks again for your participation [...]

Nov 11th, 2016. Observations on a new birth.

Can I tell you a few baby things? A week ago, our second son, Nico Robert Salvatore, was born. It’s been just great to know him so far. He came about ten days early. My wife said late on Thursday. “Mm, you better be ready, I think this baby is coming [...]